Lift the Veil on the Mandela Effect

An exploration of the nature of Reality, particularly the reality of the past, in relation to the so-called Mandela Effect. It is also a welcoming packet for anyone who saw Lift the Veil quoted on and decided to click to see more. Welcome. You’ll like it here. Leave a comment or send me an email if you have any questions or anything to share.

22 thoughts on “Lift the Veil on the Mandela Effect”

  1. I’ve noticed subtle changes on things that haven’t really been brought to anyone’s attention……….in the UK as a kid my mother would often slather us in Vicks Vapour Rub and when I brought some recently I thought, oh, modern times, it’s changed to Vapo Rub. However, even old advertising says Vapo Rub and it most definitely was not that. On discussing with my brother he says no, it was Vapour Rub. I message my partner in the UK and he’s convinced too it was Vapour Rub and he’s got a photographic memory!

  2. Congrats on your mention in the article!
    Its pretty big to be associated with M.E.

    I particularly hate the present version of the world map, I feel like I’ve lost my old home.
    Even if no one else can remember it doesn’t mean it wasn’t that.
    I’ve been thinking abt a weird thing that happened 25 yrs ago, it was virtually impossible and I knew that at the time. Now the chances seem even slimmer. It happened in St Gallen train station and it’s just in the news that there’s a train attack in the area. Maybe mysteries are meant to be just that. Reality seems to be very fluid indeed in my experience.
    There’s another person quoted in the article, Dani from Removing the Shackles. I’d recommend her channel highly.
    Keep imparting your wisdom and knowledge, it’s a good road you’re on😃 with Doshi😻.

  3. I’m a first time listener, brought here by my own personal experience with the “effect’, and looking for some kind of reason why my previous version of reality and how it works, is now quite different. You offer very interesting thoughts about how we perceive the past. If words, eye witness accounts, videos, books, your own memory, can not be relied upon to give meaning to our perceptions-and farther on down that road -value to our actions, what does? So after a few days sitting with this Mandela effect, it seems that, ultimately, one must go within to do so. Some of the effects are public and the delusion is shared and the cause of them can become the focus. Other “effects” are more personal and cannot be validated by anyone else. I like what you have done, and brought out love as a way to navigate through these changes. Love and creating space for compassion towards others who “see” differently.

    And also, I really enjoyed your co-host. I thumbed up and sub’d your channel. Thanks!

  4. I love your videos, but on this one, you’ve been taken in.
    I’m a professional copy editor and have been for many years; I’m 64, have a genius IQ, attended law school and did well, worked in bookstores and publications, and majored in history and continued to read widely in history and biography.
    NONE of these things that were allegedly changed have actually been changed.
    They were always what they are now.
    I have listened to many of these ‘Mandela’ videos, and I was hoping you would debunk it. I have not heard ONE that wasn’t wrong, or even ridiculous.
    I think personally it’s a plot designed to discredit truthers by getting them to buy into something that is utterly and completely fabricated and specious.
    Maybe ordinary, poorly educated Americans who can’t spell or construct a grammatical sentence don’t remember things correctly, but I do.
    Being credulous and swallowing this BS whole is, bluntly, making a fool out of yourself or rather letting people–some of whom may be sincerely mistaken but others are deliberately gaslighting the rest–hoodwink you.
    Of course what they claim is that what it is NOW it wasn’t, but since it’s been ‘changed’ you can’t prove it because what WAS doesn’t exist.

    1. Most available evidence suggests you’re correct, but there is some very compelling evidence to suggest there is some doubt. See my coverage on Sex in/and the City for more on the doubt part.
      I also have a genius IQ and could have attended any elite school I wanted to (I was admitted at Stanford), but I’m not sure why you thought that was relevant. This topic doesn’t require a genius IQ and when that is combined with absolute confidence that you are correct, it can be fatal in your search for knowledge.
      I appreciate your opinion and commenting on my site, but don’t be a jerk. Pretty much everybody here is going to disagree with you, so you’ll have to try harder to win them over. Cheers.

    2. I am so glad to finally read an intelligent comment on the Mandela Effect psyop.

      There is no question in my mind that this so-called effect is engineered by the intelligence services (who all have the same group behind them) in order to derail and discredit people who seek truth amidst the great deception that permeates all media.

      Many examples that have been given have more to do with ignorance than anything else.

      Perhaps it is because, like you, I am of a certain age and have extensive education not only in the humanities but in hard science.

      It is amazing how many people stand for nothing and fall for everything.

      1. Your education is completely irrelevant to the topic, as is my own, and it is insulting to suggest that you’re smarter than the rest of us because you remember things the way you’re supposed to. And as far as IQ, you have much stiffer competition than you think around here.

        You’re suggesting that everyone who thinks there have been changes is simply the unwitting victim of some plot designed to convince us that things changed that didn’t change? You think that would work on such a massive scale? People are pretty smart and know how to examine evidence for themselves. If all of the evidence suggests that you’re right and everybody still thinks you’re wrong, then you’re just going to say we’re all stupid?

        The changes are a distraction because they don’t actually change a thing, but dismissing the perception of change is for old guys.

      2. I have an original front page newspaper, Daily Mail (UK), which shows the vehicle in which JFK and Co were travelling in as having 2 windscreens and 3 rows of seats so maybe in this particular case only we are uncovering the cover up films and press photos that were just not seen until now as opposed to some mandela effect?.

  5. another great pod cast dude , compassion for world views indeed … Another great #MandelaEffect vid …
    great pod cast , But Nathan buddy you said planet ? Its a #PlaneNotAPlanet #FlatEarth , cant prove shape but can prove geo centrism … Gravity not a force bi – product of electro magnetism
    vid …
    but as far as the notion of being in Gods dream , a matrix program , this fallen world
    Makes the Mandela Effect a very interesting new topic to analyse

  6. I read the Vice article, nice work! I just watched an episode of Mr. Robot that gave a nod to the Berenstain/ Berenstein phenomena. Stay safe, ♥️ To Doshi

  7. Hi Nathan, you should do an interview with Richie Allen. He is a cool Irish guy that runs a radio show in association with David Icke. I think it would be good for your programme and his too, he has a great audience.

    Best wishes

    1. I don’t know exactly how to get myself an interview though. I really need an agent to do that. You could be my agent and tell him how great I am, but I’m not so good at doing that about myself to other people. Maybe it’s because I want to be courted like a proper lady.

      1. I have sent him an message with your email on it and your website. I hope he gets in contact with you, would be a great show!

  8. vice .com huh? and you think this a truthful enterprise? I remain, right about you. would you also be thrilled about being featured on fox news?

    1. I would, to be honest. I don’t really care how people find out about me. As long as I’m not quoted out of context then people are free to decide for themselves what to think.

  9. Hi Nathan, I have been watching LTV since right after you started and thoroughly enjoy your videos. You make me laugh a little every time. Keep them coming.

  10. Here is something that I sometimes think about. With over 7 billion people on this planet (so we are told) does a person exist if you never meet or hear of them? My view, so far, is that the person doesn’t exist. My feeling is that we create things in our mind rather than discover them. So if we believe that when watching Star Trek there is a way of travelling faster than the speed of light by inventing a ‘warp drive’ then eventually this will be a reality.

    Also as a final thought. After approximately 150 years nothing in the past can be proven to be real or true because we only gather our information from books and possibly films. No real live witness is available to provide the truth. As they say:-” the winners always write the history”.

    Most of the people I know are sometimes puzzled by my thoughts and say politely I’m eccentric. I think this is a kind way of saying I am mentally not on the normally accepted wave length.

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