Lift the Veil with Patricia Steere on Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes

An in-depth interview with LtV on Patricia’s show. Lots of topics covered, so if you can stand listening to this guy for 1:45, this is the perfect treat for your holiday weekend.

Reposted with permission from Patricia, but please visit her channel and subscribe.


One thought on “Lift the Veil with Patricia Steere on Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes”

  1. So I did the full show …phew! There were times when we got to the Flat Earth that I nearly turned it off but for your sake Nathan I stuck with it to the end. it was relief to get back onto real ground with finance. I’m afraid Patricia is a person who found this nice enticing door labelled “Flat Earth”, opened it, went inside and carefully locked it after her. She now refuses to see the World in any other way.
    By the way, what ever happened to the South Pole? Anyway entering into investigating the flat Earth I did an observation. I live on the French Mediterranean coast in a town called Antibes. The day was perfectly clear so I took my powerful telescope and look towards Algeria and I was very surprised I couldn’t see the Algerian coast. What I did see was a yacht coming over the horizon. First the top of it’s sail appeared and then the rest of the vessel. As they say KISS keep it simple. The globe Earth by any simple explanation is the best. Flat Earth is definitely a psyop.

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