Lochte’s Other Lie | Shilling for Tinder

A little celebrity gossip to balance your Knowledge nutrition intake.

6 thoughts on “Lochte’s Other Lie | Shilling for Tinder”

  1. It’s funny, but completely out of the blue my daughter mentioned Tinder to me today, saying how a single friend of hers had signed up for it. She said that the site had a reputation for being a place where many would seek one night stands and that it isn’t a place you were likely to look for a long term partner. I’d never even come across this site until it was mentioned here yesterday and then again randomly discussed by my daughter today.

  2. Every game my kid plays at is a advertisement for some business. I stopped going to memorial day parades in my town for the same reason.it’s utterly rediculous anymore.

  3. It’s (all) about content (often fake and acted) so they can advertise around it and keep us busy and emotional. See also wellaware1 for info about that.

    … I think.

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