Migrant Crisis Hoax | Where are the 500 Dead? And More Dummies…

More reporting on dummies used in the migrant crisis hoax and skeptical press reporting on the latest major mass drowning in the Mediterranean.

8 thoughts on “Migrant Crisis Hoax | Where are the 500 Dead? And More Dummies…”

  1. Hi,
    I recently discovered your site and appreciate all your hard work since I have my own doubts about the validity or truth regarding many news stories being presented to us, the general public.
    Please let me correct you on point where you got it wrong. It concerns the possible conditions of the Mediterranean Sea, being a life long sailor who have spent a considerable amount of time in the Med, I can tell you that it can offer very challenging conditions, in my opinion, much more challenging than you might experience in open ocean conditions. The reason for this being the “choppy” sea state as opposed to the long waves of the open oceans. The Med is very similar to the Baltic Sea with its intense winter or low pressure systems. I spent most of my sailing life in the Baltic being Swedish so I believe my comparison is valid.
    I would very much appreciate your response! Keep up your good and important work.
    I will now continue your video on the refugee crisis in Europe.

    All the best


    1. Thank you for your perspective, it will definitely inform my research and what I present going forward as events will surely continue to take place in and around that body of water. Even with that new information though, I do think that it is still reasonable to assert that 500 dead bodies shouldn’t all sink to the bottom of the sea to never be seen again nor would I think it’s reasonable that an entire plane and everybody on board would also vanish without anyone finding a trace of debris for over 24 hours. And of course anybody should have questions about the “body parts” and the alleged debris they are showing us from the recovery efforts. Do you agree with me on that? You’re absolutely right that I’m speculating about what I imagine the Mediterranean to be like, so I do appreciate your expertise and I’m happy you’re using my website to sift through everything I’ve been putting out there over the last 6 months. Thank you for that.

    1. A good place to start your journey (if you’re interested in digging into this story) would be the George Soros funded leaflets that were given out late last summer to “assist the migrants transit across Europe”. Lovely instructions showing where you need to go, what you need to say and how to play the game. George Soros funding does go hand in hand with the “NWO Divide and Conquer” rhetoric wherever his grubby hands appear, although I’d hope that everyone is aware of what this man is and what he does by now! It’s so strange for a multi-billionaire who has a history of making his huge piles of money from financial collapses and disorder to be funding an event which will cause general disorder and helps towards a European financial collapse…

      Unfortunately as with so much in Geo-Politics, trying to look for the “one reason” or “one person” why something is happening is an impossible task. Point out “one thing” and its not enough to describe what they are doing, “They’d never go to all of that trouble just to achieve…” However, point out that there are multiple events that we’re not being told and that they all tie into this story and you get “They’d never be able to get away with all of that, you’re crazy…” Either way, the real story stays hidden in a mire of confusion, misinformation and contrived mainstream media stories making sure that the “correct story” comes out to back up the required narrative.

      1. Soros is supposedly behind the Panama Papers “leak”, which was really a USAID & Soros funded hack designed as an attack on Putin and other enemies of the plan.

        The more I learn, the crazier it gets. I would have never believed a conspiracy could be shielded from us with so many moving parts involved, but then it all goes back to the Media. If somebody spoke up, it would never make it to air, so what would be the point?

        1. For those in the UK who may feel a little left out for reasons to hate Mr Soros, goes back some time but look at Tuesday, September 15, 1992. The day before Black Wednesday….

          ..or.. he’s a philanthropist who wants to use his money to help the downtrodden in this world to have a voice. He’s just misunderstood. The billions he makes on the back of his philanthropy is just an “unhappy coincidence” of course.

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