Moon Buggy Debunked | Those Tires Ain’t Right

More than one buggy was used for the Moon landing hoax. Here is some simple evidence of that.

14 thoughts on “Moon Buggy Debunked | Those Tires Ain’t Right”

  1. My theory on the moon landings is that they did at some point go to the moon but not for many years later as they just did not have the technology ready. They had spent so much money on it that they wanted to at least pretend they went . So all the footage was done on a set and completely fake. I also don’t think they could have sent live feed as even today my internet is not always reliable . I have 4 cats by the way. two are rescued , love my fur babies 🙂

    1. The only way that space travel is possible is with some for of anti-gravity which can carry the huge weight of protective shielding and the necessary breaking force for entering the Earth’s gravitational pull. Neither the Apollo capsule or the Shuttle have breaking force even of rockets so they would actually speed up before they even got to the near Earth density of the air atmosphere.(forget parachutes as at this speed they would be useless). You can also forget the space-station as this is a scam. You can even see the wires attached to the astronauts. They can put stuff into space but they cannot bring it back. IOCBM are also fake as they would burn-up on reentry. Rocket space travel and NASA the second biggest scam ever.

  2. I guess NASA (Nonsense And Scam Artists) never gave thought to the fact that their films (after destroying the originals) could ever be analysed. Were they wrong.
    Good work
    ps. Nice cat close up (looks like a genuine cat)

  3. I noticed your archive goes back to March and you said you started in November. Will you be wiping March off the archive at the end of July? I hope not because that’s a lot to get through in a weekend.

    1. I think my first YouTube video was uploaded 12/1/15 but I didn’t have a website until March, so everything on here will be dated after that. Don’t worry, no langoliers here.

  4. Kitty is programmed.
    Kitty sees Nathan blabbing into mic.
    Kitty runs and leaps to greater height to bathe and nap.
    Nathan leaves computer on.
    Kitty sees glowing monitor of truth.
    Kitty goes to
    Kitty is woke.
    Kitty plots.

  5. 6:30 I know it appears that the far-side rear wheels aren’t turning at all in response to the joy stick but if you look carefully you can see them move slightly. Not to the same degree as the near-side wheels but they do move to a lesser degree.

    1. Yeah, I’m going through my videos on YouTube to make sure I have a link to comments on my website and I had never uploaded this video. I’m sure there will be more, so just ignore them if you’ve seen them before. They’re still good the second time though.

      1. No ill rewatch them all! Thought some weird Mandela stuff was happening.I screen grabbed youtube and here just in case you replied with a “what do you mean? I’ve never posted this before” glad all is well here.

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