Moon Landing Hoax | Debunktion Junktion. Lunar Roving Vehicle

Here I take some time out to address various objections from self-styled debunkers. I don’t have all the answers folks, so decide for yourselves.

6 thoughts on “Moon Landing Hoax | Debunktion Junktion. Lunar Roving Vehicle”

  1. I have no website, I am merely a simple “truther” looking for that answer that completes the saga. I do not like playing BS games. So is this a way of snubbing YouTube for rigging the numbers? That is fine but I’m assuming you have the integrity to be honest. I would still take advantage of YouTube, you gotta dance with the one that brought you. More avenues is more audience so be honest. I can go outside of my comfort zone and seek a blogsite beyond YouTube. PEACE

  2. You promise to be honest but what we might hear may not be true????
    Are you speaking in code now? So is your YouTube channel just a ruse to confuse the simpletons that fail to log into your webpage? Sadly my PC is a piece of shit and only loads YouTube. I will await a response before I make or take any actions concerning LtV. PEACE

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