Moon Landing Hoax | It’s the Shadows, Dummy.

Some convincing evidence that something was terribly wrong with the set lighting on the Moon. Debunkers, have a field day.

7 thoughts on “Moon Landing Hoax | It’s the Shadows, Dummy.”

  1. I absolutely love your channel! You videos never fail to leave me with a huge smile. I often find I need to pause while I get over my laughing fit!

    The content is entertaining, your dry humor is infectious, but above all you are doing your part to cut through the bullshit we’ve been fed for generations. I commend you and many other asskickers who should be getting a LOT more exposure than the general public sees. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if your subs reflect a fraction of your audience. Screw the numbers and keep up the great work!

    By the way, I’m just dropping this comment on the first video listed as of this date. It’s not related to this one video in particular but to what I’ve seen in general.

    Much love. Cheers!

    1. Is that your educated decision? Apart from my low intelligence, what was your specific objection to the content?

  2. While I’ve always believed the moon landings happened I also believe there was enough pressure on the US to try to fake it if they had to. But years of watching conspiricy theorists whose ability to question the moon’s steadfast adherence to the laws of physics in the absence of a vacuum, 1/6th gravity, no atmosphere and earth as a major secondary light source is ironically hampered by that same vacuum between their ears closed my mind to the possibility that it was faked. Those whack jobs have so little credibility they actually make the general public STOP questioning things. So I watching your video expecting another idiot but ended up impressed. I’m still not sure what to make of some of the frames you showed, and I love that you laid it all out for everyone to make up their own mind. Respect 🙂

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