Moon Landing Hoax | “Moon Buggy” LRV is a Willys Jeep

I neglected to put this up on my site when it was originally released. From 5/8/2016. I didn’t realize the video had been referenced in articles on The Daily Bell and ZeroHedge, so I thought I should get everything up to date.

3 thoughts on “Moon Landing Hoax | “Moon Buggy” LRV is a Willys Jeep”

  1. It’s an interesting theory, but wouldn’t it just be easier to build a full-scale model of the rover and use that instead of a jeep? We know they had the “1G Trainer” which was a 1-to-1 version to the real thing. I’m also not sure they could hide a Jeep like that with 1970s technology, especially in the video shots.

  2. I think that the moon landing was a hoax, but I know someone who needs convincing. Does anyone know of an irrefutable proof for the Hoax Theory?

  3. Maybe silly question, but is the difference maybe also due to fact that still shot is full scale model and the moving vehicle is radio controlled small size ?

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