Moon Landing Hoax | NASA’s for Nazis

More fun stories from the Apollo program.

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  1. hi there lift the veil. sorry I don’t know your name. I just discovered your you tube channel. was watching the zika modified mosquito one. thought it was excellent watched a few more all good. it’s sad you have no commenting available. I was just going to comment to say I enjoyed your stuff.

    keep it up.

    ps your voice really reminds me of Tom hanks.

    pps the video where you do the special whispering and crunchy sound noise voice thing for that NASA shill was bizarre. bizarre and hilarious. I was laughing hard!!!!

    take care

    1. I’m glad you found me from that Zika video, that’s how a lot of folks are finding me right now. YouTube seems to be putting it on people’s front page for some reason. I’m Nathan.

  2. …Much discussion about the temperature on the moon: “The average temperature on the Moon (at the equator and mid latitudes) varies from -298 degrees Fahrenheit (-183 degrees Celsius), at night, to 224 degrees Fahrenheit (106 degrees Celsius) during the day.” –Cool Cosmos
    That is hot! And, of course, some smarty pants will say that because of conduction and convection in an atmosphere, the moon does not have these issues. So, then, how is the heat measured? Surely it has to be hot on that dry, airless environment. Right?
    Another issue is with the sand. How do you get sand if there is not atmosphere? “Sand is typically made mostly of varying amounts of material weathered from inland rocks (or seacliff (sic) material) and transported to the beach on the wind or in rivers, and/or shells and other hard parts precipitated out of the ocean water by marine organisms.” Is not the moon a solid rock? No air, no water, no erosion, but plenty of sand. Any comments? And, please, be polite. This is an honest question.

    1. My guess is that the “sand” or fine regolith was mainly created by all the pulverising the Moon received from being battered by crater-forming asteroids. While the Moon hasn’t undergone wind or water erosion it’s possible that if the Electric Universe theory is true, some erosion could have been caused electrically.

    2. … in much the same way that EU proponents believe Mars received its enormous scar and how the Grand Canyon was formed.

  3. Why anybody doesn’t put the point to the TEMPERATURE. What was the temperature on the moon, when these three men spending 2,5 hours in there.
    What was the temperature during that 380 000 km to the moon, and what was the temperature when they come that stupid looking capsule back to the earth.

    Those pictures from the “moon” and vehicles and that aluminiumfoil-covered fish trap for the landing, are all so badly made that I can’t understand how anybody can believe, that Nasa has ever been on the moon.

    I’m from north Europe(and nazi) and here is in wintertime -46C degrees(-50F) and that is not for humang being, it really makes your body suffer.
    So I’m interested that, is really on the moon better conditions than my backyard?
    Nice Hawaii-temperatures.
    Because those astronauts never complained about the heat or freezing cold.

    So nice trip that 237 000 miles in space.
    Nowadays they barely can go to that 700km(500miles) from earth to the satellites.

    1. That is a good observation, did they ever mention temperature or other physical conditions? Interesting you mention Hawaii because many Hawaiians believe the vehicle scenes (at the very least) were filmed near Hawaii’s volcanic craters/ash fields – was that purposeful allusion or happy accident?

  4. Hi Nate. About the buggy and suspension. Look in other areas for answers as to independent suspension or straight axle. Look at the center of the tire wheel hub assembly in relation to the frame of the buggy. If there where a straight axle as you suggest there must also be an up side down U for to accommodate the travel of the straight axle. From what I see. It’s independent suspension. But I don’t have youtube on my big screen and a panel of my race buddies who are very qualified suspension experts to give definitive answers.
    I’m my world of racing and straight axle suspension there needs to be a notch in the frame for which accommodates travel of the centerline of hub in relation to the frame.

    1. It’s hard to tell, but I think the film is doctored quite a bit as well so that it is hard to precisely follow the suspension travel most of the time. I thought the move I pointed out really indicated the car having axles and there is a lot of funny business that goes on around the underside of the buggy throughout. It is embarrassing how many times I went through each frame of that video trying to figure out how they did it. In the end I might have missed a few details, but the overall picture is the same. And that picture stinks.

  5. pretty sure that the kennedy assassination and moon hoax have been sorted out as the bullshit they are already. sorry Nathan, I gave you a shot, but my bullshit detector has been activated. fact is, if you look for truth by ANY youtube clown, youre fucking up. I find my own truth. good luck with the cointelpro bro.

    1. Find your truth. I’ve accomplished my goal if that’s the path you’re on. You should check your head though if you think I’m one of the bad guys. Really. Check your head.

  6. It doesn’t look smudged out at all. Not to mention it would be impossible to have a straight axle under the car when the center of the wheel is the same height as the frame.

    The suspension travel functions exactly like it should as well.

    And the shadows are correct. You make a constant error in all your “shadow analysis” assuming there is only one light source on the moon.

    1. If you’re going to continue being completely irrational then you’re not welcome here. You’ve expressed your objection now for everyone to see and consider for themselves. Thank you also for improving my SEO. You keep me motivated and successful.

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