Muhammad Ali | What’s the Deal?

What’s the deal with Lift the Veil lately? I hope this answers all of your questions. Beware the AI.

11 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali | What’s the Deal?”

  1. Hold up, explain this to the blond girl, there is another guy that looks like you that made this video impersonating you????That is flat out weird and creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Happens a lot on my channel. Fortunately, I always wear the same thing, so once you learn that trick you can spot me from a mile away. Thank you, ANNA.

  2. Hey, actually earlier today I bookmarked your website before I watched this. Haven’t scoped it out yet, but I’ll consume some of your content tomorrow. We have an enemy, but he is nothing compared to the Truth. Know that your are doing a good work. Peace.

  3. Have you thought about using another place to upload your videos? I’m afraid YouTube might delete the contents of your entire channel and then all will be lost to us. :/

    1. That’s why I have people coming here. I can always just link to a different channel and everything would look the same on this site. It would take some time to upload everything, but I have the original videos for most everything.

  4. Hi, sometimes when you use satire it can have a boomerang effect if people (like me) are so fed up with the lies . Good thing someone left a comment saying it was satire or i would not have gotten it

    1. LOL. I don’t know how he knows when to show up. Such a strange thing he is. Thanks for commenting on my site! You’re the best.

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