Munich Shopping Mall Shooting | Again with the shoes…

Some examination of the contradictory stories and witness statements coming out of Munich, as well as a look at a dangerous pattern beginning to emerge…

16 thoughts on “Munich Shopping Mall Shooting | Again with the shoes…”

  1. slow down the shooting moment@MCD… shooter comes out of the wall… fake and manipulated clip. I think the shooterboy was abused for a purpose… he was set in the clip. Check IT out…the real shooters were not caught on cam. Finally the boy killed himself?… Haha…no witness for that. Maybe he was a well picked crisis actor and now alive in another country or he was killed after his job was done. Any idea? There was massive police in Munich already at 4:00 pm, hours before that hoax. Guess why….

  2. I saw the woman’s shoe on Friday night plus the shooter managed to miss all the people running past him! That’s all you need these days to know it’s FAKE.👿

  3. So many lost soles….so many questions…you know it is the things that are missing that arouse my curiosity. Like why is no one ever frantically administering first aid to the victims…why does my question mark key not work…and who brings the sheets anyway….
    Do you think we will get a ballistics report out of Orlando any time soon

  4. That statement of the muslim lady clashes with the German lady who said was also in the Mc D and stated the shooting was upstairs. She talks about three shots and that the mc donalds personel were the first to run out the restaurant causing the panic. But then I guess they should have run were the shooter was (?). In another video she says the shooting is in the shop above the mc donalds.

    This guy reacted on the running of others, as at first he thought it was nothing:

    Hardly anybody sees anything. Most panic because (inside) people start running and screeming.

  5. Like the shoe fettish lool there is something weird about the ‘victims’ tho their origin is curious east european from albania kosovo and 1 romanian i think and turks wonder if it has to do with the EU confidence after Brexit or Turkey becoming EU member besides Merkel wants to show ppl immigration dont have a negative impact and that she didnt bring ‘terrorists’ and weaken the far right movement in Germany. The attacker was born in Germany just like the guy in Nice the message seems to be that ‘terrorism’ doesnt come from immigrants but from within .

  6. Often these names.. like they make them up for fun.
    Thamina Stoll (meaning “healthy prop” (arabic and german)

    Remember Adam Lanza (the spear of Adam) and Miss Soto? Soto is spanish for “grove”.. like Bohemian Grove?

  7. Check out the name Richard gutjahr, seems he is a journalist who was in nice During the attacks there and took video. He was in Munich at the mall for those attacks as well, got video of that too. You are going to love this….he is married to an Israeli politician named Einat Wilf, former israeli intelligence officer and self described zionist and atheist.

  8. Seems tptb want the general public divided on who is responsible for these attacks. Creating cognitive dissonance might part of their agenda.

    1. “Cognitive Dissonance?” Definitely! Consider the situation from the perspective of an average American conservative — The media consistently presents images of Muslim men murdering innocent civilians in “gun-free” zones, and then the media works to aggressively shame anyone who fears Muslim men or wishes to purchase a gun for self-defense. Now add two more layers of dissonance by realizing that Islam can be considered a dangerous ideology — BUT — the actual murders are staged events……
      It’s hard to draw any other conclusion except that the end goal is to encourage more gun sales along with deeper alienation of conservative thinkers and contempt for religious ideology in general

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