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Munich Shopping Mall Shooting | Drama in Deutschland

As you’d expect, I’m on the scene in Munich giving you the crucial early details. We also have more police arriving in minivans, which I think is funny.

14 thoughts on “Munich Shopping Mall Shooting | Drama in Deutschland

  1. What it is ……. from Germany…….
    There is news about this video of the McDonals shooter. Just before he is shooting at the people on the sidewalk, a couple on a motorcycle drive from right to left. If you play the video in in slow motion you can see that both the driver and the co-driver suddenly look at the shooter. What are the chances that both look at the shooter before he has even fired a single shot?
    This could mean that there must have been at least one more shooter and that the video has been edited. This would fit many other clues according to which there was more going on than has officially been disclosed. There are reports about heavy police all over munich this weekend (including random traffic stops, helicopter exercises and the presence of an elite austrian special force). There were two public suicides close to the shooting that day. There is a video of a panic that took place in a completely different area. There remain open questions about the leaked videos (like why was there not a single car on the upper parking deck when it was rush hour and every other single parking space in or outside the parking garage seems to be occupied). And there is the strange story of Richard Gutjahr.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. And main question; how come the person was filming the shooting outside the mac ? He’s zooming in on the man before anything happens. Foreknowledge ! Be interesting to know who shot the video.

  3. Also funny as when those police people arrive (and struggle with the strap) the scooter just passes by. Life seems to move on around all the police activity.

  4. Then they say they also found a dead man in the shopping mall, that might be a or the shooter or maybe a victim. They are still investigating.

    Wow, never heard so many conflicting statements in one news item.

    Also ring highway around the city was closed, so yes indeed people in Munich couldn’t go anywhere and special police teams were searching the city (but did they know what or who they were searching for ?).

  5. Maybe more shooters because of eye witnesses, but authorities assume it was only one. And they keep talking about shooting IN shopping mall.

    They closed everything in Munich, also pubs and clubs because the shooter (or more) was still on the run. Question is why they didn’t take out the guy on the roof.

    In the NOS report one victim under a blanket (just one after 16 shots), arm looks funny. Maybe dummy.

  6. News that I saw in Holland said shooting supposedly was at Douglas, according to person who was at mac donalds. Douglas situated above the Mac. She says she heard three shots and then people started running.
    (in German with dutch subtitles)

  7. Failed flag.

  8. You video won’t play for me.

    1. OK, suddenly it has started working. Nevermind.

  9. Just in time for the #DNCLeaks

  10. Apparently the guy who filmed the coach going by in Nice was also the guy who filmed the initial shooting in Munich, who is married to Einat Wilf

    1. His name is Richard Gutjahr (Goodyear!)

      1. This is a massive finding and kills any chance this is genuine

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