Munich Shopping Mall Shooting | McDonald’s Video a Fake?

Here I analyze two different pieces of video from CNN & RT which bring up more questions about already questionable official reports from Munich, Germany and the Olympia shopping center.

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  1. YouTube erased only in the last hour 1.500 results with
    keyword “Richard Gutjahr” (from 9.000 to now 7.500).

    1. Including PK Truth’s entire channel with 3 counts of copyright breech, (by German reporter Richard Goodyear) and another UK company eliminated Kim Hoaxashian’s channel following his theories on the Labour MP Joke Ox because they don’t like the truth coming out. (Deliberate spellings to avoid elimination of comments/channel).

  2. It certainly has the smell of GLADIO.
    You’re right about chaos and fear. It seems to be a softening up of the masses to an event which is yet to take place. Can I suggest the event is a “saviour” waiting in the wings to be introduced at the right moment so that the people will rally around this person with the help of the controlled mass media.
    Unknown, as yet, the “saviour” will appear to be separate from the state and it’s controllers but in fact be a new version of the “powers that be” control system. A new Hitler or Napoleon.
    Just a thought.

    1. …It most certainly IS Gladio. All of the so-called “terrorist attacks” are NATO-controlled and executed. Is it mere coincidence that NATO headquarters is in Brussels, where many of the attacks take place? Back in the sixties and seventies, when the communists were the bad guys, Europe, particularly Italy, was awash in terror attacks to scare the public and keep them from voting in communist-leaning parties. Aldo Moro and the Red Brigade was all CIA, and all Gladio; meanwhile, back in Argentina, Operation Condor was wreaking havoc there, and Jorge Mario Bergoglio aka Pope Francis had his grubby hands all over that one. No wonder he became Pope. He was CIA back then, and probably still is. The book by Paul L. William called “Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA and the Mafia” is a great source of information about these people, and illustrates how cunning and how insidious this whole operation is. “Gladio, NATO’s dagger at the Heart of Europe” by Cottrell Richard is another great work that sheds light on this truly evil organisation….

  3. Hi,
    i’m new here. My english transcript for you is based on the 01:49 (mm:ss) long version by the yt-channel hambi, This is the better known so called first part from an lower angle and a shorter distance than the rt-video that went viral later. The audio is quite complex. You here the bavarian worker that was given so many bleeps over his words by the bbc (1). This guy is speaking a bavarian slang. Than you have his neighbours which i estimate to be at least three – better 4 persons. Three adults, one son (4). This people are inaudible most of the time. One adult speaks Russian. The son (“Hambi”?) speaks german. Than there is a 4th party (one man) shouting after you here a magazine falling (1). This shouting sounds like an tactical order.
    Link :

    Best regards, Max

    Video – Start
    Occupant auf Balkon: Asshole, rotten one.
    Perpetrator: It was you i was mobbed all the time for seven years, because i had to … (?) … .
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: You wanker. You’re a asshole.
    Perpetrator: And now i have to buy a weapon to kill you.
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: A Weapon? You know what? They shall split your skull. You’re a asshole. Ey!
    Perpetrator:  (…) am your guest, or?
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: Thats saying a lot, you wanker.
    Perpetrator: Fucking Turks!
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: Fucking Wogs! Ey! He has a weapon! Get someone here, he has loaded his weapon. Get the pigs here someone! Here he is running this wanker.
    Perpetrator: I am german.
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: You are a wanker.
    Perpetrator: Stop crying.
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: You are a wanker. What shit are you up to?
    Perpetrator: (My dad / I am ?) … born here in 1984. …  (?)
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: So what? What shit are you up to?
    Perpetrator: in an „Hartz IV“-Area. There I went to school.
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: They shall split your skull. You Asshole.
    Perpetrator: For people like you i was in treatment.
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: Treatment? You shall visit a Psychiatry, you asshole.
    Perpetrator: I haven’t done anything. … shut your mouth.

    Mixed talk – Start

    Occupant auf dem Balkon: Ey! …
    Neighbor 1 man: …(?)…
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: Don’t run disordered, you idiots.
    Neighbor 1 man: Don’t get it too.(?)
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: He has a gun.
    Plop 1
    Shots 1: 2 x shots by ?
    Chorus [hysteric]: Ahhh, ihhhh
    Neighbor 2 woman: …. Serbian?
    Chorus [hysteric]: Ahhh, ihhhh
    Plop 2
    Shots 2: 2 x shot by perpetrator
    Neighbor 1 man: …(?)… Russian?
    Neighbor 2 woman: …(?)…
    Neighbor 2 man: …(?)…
    Neighbor 2 woman: …(?)…
    Neighbor 1 man: …(?)…
    Neighbor 2 woman: …(?)…
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: He is a crazy! You wanker!
    Plop 3
    Neighbor 4 son: …(?)…
    Neighbor 2 woman: …(?)…
    Plop 4
    Neighbor 2 woman: …(?)…
    Clap 1: magazine falls down(?)
    4th Party: Hey, get over there
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: Asshole, rotten one
    Plop 5
    Neighbor 2 woman: …(?)…
    Neighbor 4 son(?): People, one moment. Wait. (in german! battery empty?)
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: They fucked your brain you full idiot [inaudible].
    Perpetrator: They did not.That’s how it is! They did not.
    Occupant auf dem Balkon: They fucked your brain you full idiot .
    Rotten one. They fucked your brain you full idiot.
    Perpetrator: They did not.
    Mixed talk – End
    Video – END

  4. they are leaving SO much out of the translation. btw the i was in treatment thing – the mental health laws in germany are DRACONIAN. i know someone who was basically kidnapped to a psych ward took 6 months to get him out. and he was american.

  5. Really, one of your best yet! Fits perfectly with something I had thought about how all these shooters “kill themselves”. I wonder what the name of the videographer is?

    1. Videographer was Richard (translation to English from German to avoid zapping of channel) Goodyear who also happened to film the Nice coach from his hotel balcony not forgetting his request for the events of Paris Friday 13th to be recorded by some other person on his behalf, happens to be married to an ex Mos – sad.

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