Nerd Werd | Duodecimal Notation. The Beautiful Dozen

Gravity, Math & Time is back! Be honest, you have some crazy ideas too.

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  1. I thought maybe keep the roman x for ten, as is two v (5) but have the + for 12 or a v(5) and an upside down ^(7) placed on top of one and other for a diamond or maybe so they cross more. But enjoyed the video.

  2. I think your intuition seems very good, esp. on 7 & 12.

    I was just reading about the number 120 today, coincidentally. You, know the one, right before the flood: “And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.” Genesis Ch. 6:3

    And then it’s doubly interesting that Christ said of these end times: “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.
    But as the days of Noe [Noah] were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matthew 24:36-37

    Turns out that the Jewish Rabbis have long believed that the Messiah is coming (returning) on the 120th Jubilee (God’s “Great Year” of rest, slave emancipation, debt forgiveness for everyone and reunion of family) which occurs every 50th year following every 7×7=49 years.
    Counting the years since Adam’s creation and dividing them into 3 ages of 40 Jubilees each (or 2000 years) which may or may not occur next year, depending on your calendar…

    And that will also mark the start of the 7th millennium since Adam’s creation. AKA, “THE Millennium” aka, Kingdom of God.

    And, just for fun, Here’s a 12th century Rabbi who accurately predicted the future Turkish Ottoman Empire 400 year (8 jubilees of 50 yrs each)occupation of Jerusalem and, he also seems to predict the Messianic advent in 2017.

    Sorry for the rabbit holes! Cheers & God bless. Thanks for the thought stimulants.

  3. Hey I would like to SPEEK to people with the same like minded ideas,
    My name is ray, from the UK England,
    What made your videos on youtube stand out the most for me was with what you said,
    The comment about you had bean here before,
    All the deception has been going on since I was told to never say a word about it at the very young age of the magic number,
    Way back I still have the words in my head about what would happen if they and I was never told who, but they would come and take me away because I seen what not a lot of other people can see !
    I was told I was special,
    I tried to forget but I could never stop seeing what was going on I just had to keep forgetting,
    I remember at 1 point I got so upset that I could also sense things, like see things in my mind, so on the way out to go for a day trip that we took every sunday on the way out I told my mother we were going to be broken in, and the TV was going to be taken !
    But my mother said oh don’t be silly so I left it until it started to big me again at about mid day so again I told my mum, she never said a word until we were almost home and I clearly just shouted out we have been broken into, soon as we pulled up at home I raced to the front door and it was all true, we had been broken into and the stuff I seen taken had gone, I also seen who it was to even what his name was !!
    But still I was told it was something I had to keep quite,
    I guess I should end my story, but I must add, if u could understand about the grammar and maybe spelling, I have a brain injury from a bizarre other story, I spoke my mind to often and found myself in hospital in a coma for the other magic number of 6 weeks,
    I have knowledge of stone henge and all the other places on the earth, how I once some time ago seen these places with light shooting up into space but connecting to the other planets, and mars the moon all have the same places and connection, them to connect to the other planets so in like a formation of light linking are places all together and then from no where there was a storm of some impact that stopped the planets from lineing up and then we lost connection with other planets and the hole sola system, stone henge is a vortex like all the other places are on the planet !!
    Do any of this make any sense to you ?
    All the best
    Thanks for listening,

  4. You should check out the map of the electron in the text, The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics, noting that the poles of where the current passes in the spherical configuration of the electron, crosses over making 12 pieces of “pie” when viewed from either end. Of course, compared to the x-axis cross-section of a spherical electron, Plank’s Constant is exactly half in one dimension compared to the other, having to do with the inertia, the torque, or the pull.

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