Nicole Lovell: Real or Made Up?

In this episode we examine the few photos of Nicole Lovell with her “parents”, Tammy Weeks and David Lovell. There is a distinct Photoshop odor to them.

3 thoughts on “Nicole Lovell: Real or Made Up?”

  1. Hello,

    I referenced two of your videos in an article. I found a few missing variables you might want to consider.

    I interpreted your language. Thanks for the insights.

    Consider that just because photos look doctored and there’s a lot of coincidences doesn’t mean it is necessarily a fake, but may have
    been socially and neurologically engineered by a hostile corporation or super power. That’s the “secret”.

    Further, I suggest not displaying your apartment or personal data online if you can avoid it. No need to advertise your personal life
    in these context on the web.

    Also, are you aware of (or an agent of) Ultrasonics and have any information on who they are and where they are headquartered?

    1. I’ve lived at a lot of different apartments, so most of what you see online about my location is intentional disinfo.

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