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Nicole Lovell | The Conspiracy Theory. What Really Happened?

Speculation about the dark forces that might really be behind the Nicole Lovell disappearance. Pure speculation, for entertainment only.

4 thoughts on “Nicole Lovell | The Conspiracy Theory. What Really Happened?

  1. Like with San Bernardino, you have uncovered much in this story that would have remained hidden and I applaud you for that. The connections to DARPA and NASA and the NSA are fascinating and mirror in some ways the deep connections revealed in Sandy Hook. I don’t know if you are familiar with Sofia Smallstorm and her work. if not I think you would appreciate her film on Sandy Hook.

    On another note, I was watching some of your videos on YouTube from a profile that was not subscribed to your channel, and curiously on your home page it was claimed that your channel had no content even though I knew that to be false! It seems YouTube is hiding your content from viewers who are not subscribed! And so begins the incremental effort to eliminate alternative media by deception. Just thought you’d like to know that. Cheers and keep up the excellent work!

  2. Often: lot of media attention, press conferences, etc. = doubt whether story is true. As far as I know media cannot put anything on tv without consent people involved.

  3. Interesting research.

  4. Wow…this is such a strange story. Thank you for putting so much effort into trying to understand what really happened to this poor girl. As far as speculation goes…one could see the implications of taking one extremely sick persons body and experimenting on it using someone else’s…if this was done against their will then a story would have to be created. I’m not sure where I’m going with this but it’s not lost on me that she had lung problems her entire life and he had some sort of super lung capacity apparently. I came across this obscure weirdness and it just adds to the strangeness factor… Much respect to you for your diligence and compassion. Peace

    Pura Vida amigo

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