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Orlando Hoax – Crisis Actors Caught | Peekay Truth


Peekay Truth:

Orlando Shooting was a STAGED HOAX .
We see Crisis Actors BUSTED!!!!!

12 thoughts on “Orlando Hoax – Crisis Actors Caught | Peekay Truth

  1. Orlando Shooting Hoax – Christopher Hansen ACTOR PROOF:
    On Twitter, Bjorn says he’s married to a woman! Straight! “At the Biltmore with my beautiful wife a few days ago.”

    Sgt. Gary B Gross @GaryBGross (Public Information Officer, Lakeside Police Dept, Florida) is following Bjorn on Twitter & vice versa.
    GROSS (Common Jewish Name as in GROSSMAN)

  2. @ Benjamin Jason Phillimore Hey, that’s interesting.

  3. Omar Mateen was from St Lucie. (Lucie=Lucifer=Light)
    John Lennon exposed the Illuminati in his “Mind Games” album; Song “Bring on the Lucie (Freda peeple)”
    Check the lyrics:
    Oddly when his assassin, Mark David Chapman gave an interview he heard an inaudible voice in his head saying “do it, do it, do it, do it” to urge him to do the fatal act. Mind control? Just a thought.
    John Lennon fan, Peekay should like this, but my posts have never been allowed on most truther channels.

    “Bring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple)”

    We don’t care what flag you’re waving
    We don’t even want to know your name
    We don’t care where you’re from or where you’re going
    All we know is that you came
    You’re making all our decisions
    We have just one request of you
    That while you’re thinking things over
    Here’s something you just better do

    Free the people now
    Do it do it do it now

    Well we were caught with our hands in the air
    Don’t despair paranoia is everywhere
    We can shake it with love when we’re scared
    So let’s shout it aloud like a prayer

    We understand your paranoia
    But we don’t want to play your game
    You think you’re cool and know what you are doing
    666 is your name
    So while you’re jerking off each other
    You better bear this thought in mind
    Your time is up you better know it
    But maybe you don’t read the signs

    Well you were caught with your hands in the kill
    And you still got to swallow your pill
    As you slip and you slide down the hill
    On the blood of the people you killed

    Stop the killing now
    Do it do it do it now
    Bring on the Lucie

    1. Forgot to add the Mark David Chapman video proof:
      My “Discus” threads on this topic get deleted (no reason given) or left pending forever.

  4. My Christopher Hansen ACTOR link disappears on Youtube Truther vids, as quickly as I post it:

    1. While the two look similar, that’s not him. You should be able to find Christopher Hansen’s “Dance Your Ass Off” audition posted in 2009

      1. Yes Wormwood, I’d already seen his gay dancing vid from 2009. I assumed he may have lost some pounds and beefed up a bit. The fact that he’s from Orlando and his varying roles on show a variety of guises may have made me jump the gun and put a turd in the proverbial punchbowl. Is there a definitive link proving them as separate identities?

  5. Nathan, you need to hear what Judge Napolitano has to say about the official FBI transcript of the Orlando shooting which states that there were NO deaths or injuries until 5.13 am when the SWAT team went in to the building. Why has this not made global headline news? Silly question, I know.

  6. Omar Mateen – Orlando shooter actor too. Omar Mateen was in four movies. The Internet Movie Data Base scrubbed and sanitized his listing this week but you can still see it archived at my website
    Orlando massacre a total false flag hoax with crisis actors perpetrated by the cabal pushing world government by dictatorship @ my

  7. Breaking news CIA – Re Orlando

    Also, this one shows the complete geographic editing farce and confirms 100% your earliest video, in fact it shows the event as depicted is completely preposterous and totally fabricated

  8. Not so much dancing around as attempting to shake off a cramp by the look of things. Probably the reason he needed to set the injured guy down for a minute.

  9. there was no blood on either leg.. and i am quite sure it would splatter more than what the tied rag was hiding.. insulting.

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