Photoshopped in Orlando | Shooting Victim Memorial Pic

First some real news and then the crowd-pleasing breakdown of a hack photoshop job.


“Mighty Fine” by World’s Finest
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18 thoughts on “Photoshopped in Orlando | Shooting Victim Memorial Pic”

  1. Dear LTV,
    I heard of your channel from Changing Reason’s video on Brussels (“Location, Location, Location”)’ whom I heard of from HISTW. I found the three of you just since Orlando, having found RedSilver J and, before him, Peekay’s work on Boston around 4 months ago. Sofia Smallstorm 5 months ago. AE 9/11 6 months ago, (I want to mention Barbara Honegger as someone I believe, though she is strongly critique by two other favorites, David Chandler & Juan Cole). Studies of 9/11 seem generally more 3D while the apparent deathless hoaxes since then seem more and more, umm surreal/ reveal. David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott do to take it deep, but finding David Icke a couple of months ago, has allowed me to feel ok in assuming anything, with out feeling shamed by the indoctrination into accepted reality. I’ve been into False Flag Weekly News too, Project Censored, Guns & Butter. Two years ago, I had a few free months to dive hours a day into JFK. I grew up on Pacifica and so was ripe. And I had a long stint of meditation as a life style, which I’m a bit more lazy in recent years. I want to thank you for the beauty and fun, and urgency you bring to your work with the head spinning realizations happening for me, and seemingly a fair number of others. The more we go forward and I go in, the more I go back in seeing my entire mental life as so manipulated by these same predictable super psycho bullies. I believe in karma and vipaka (action and results), as a basic formula of all phenomenon, and appreciate your good works. I kicked in $5 bones, and have watched about 20 of your videos working back. I never thought I would go to the moon, but I think you got me. The bugging scene does look like a sound stage with a backdrop towards the horizon. Wow. I have felt high on cognitive dissonance much of my life, and the dosage keeps increasing to the point where there’s now some harmony. I appreciate your self-debunking, staying vigilant and ahead of the curve. Only critique so far is so minor it feels dumb to point out with out reviews of all I seen and have been informed by. Anyway, here it is on “Photoshopped in Orlando”: I appreciate the real news opening, but regarding shadows: while it looks weird to me as well (shirt a perfect black; his sunny arm looks overlaid on grass), your basic premiss might be off. Those are Palm trees with a canopy high up. Weird stuff is going on, but the sun could be near noon and around the solstice, explaining the hair’s straitish down shadow, his darker left arm. There still seems contradiction, but different from your set perhaps. Also I’m still watching and hoping things reveal in the best way regarding HISTW. So many of my old heros how become something else to me. DN!, Chomsky, Thom Hartmann, Stewart, Colbert, Maddow, though she also felt like a compromise, my mind couldn’t allow full critique. Oh yeah, and I voted twice for Obama. It so strange because I have felt love for these folks, even A. Jones at times, but I guess it’s ok to have the parallel emotional universes. They are all part of my path. As now you are too. Good luck with as far as you can take it. Ok this is an old spot, but still worth the new presentation regarding JFK. Of them all, it’s the farthest and the closest in my view. Doug Horne presents for 6 hours on the strongest documentation of smoking guns. It’s 3d but feels crystal clear in that realm. Here’s where I watch it: My work is in solar, and I have believed it as a source for more peace, and health still; despite that an industry really first commercialized by NorCal pot growers is becoming, as it grows, just another part of the pyramid scheme. Over all I still am 90% confident global warming is not a hoax, despite the Corbett Report and Peekay and many important others. On that note, here is a nerdy presentation of renewable energy solutions. The professor seems authentic and wise. I still believe him whole heartily. Just throwing out a few things. Looking forward to watching much more of your work. Peace, J

    1. It sounds like we are indeed on the same path. My dad worked in climate change all of his life, so I’m with you. There is no need to engineer global warming when CO2, methane and other greenhouse gases do such a great job. They are doing something up there in the sky with those persisting contrails though. I never really noticed how prevalent those are on certain days until recently. I’m thinking it may be a way to actually cool thing down.
      Anyway, welcome. Glad to have you aboard.

    1. Yeah, unfortunately it misses the point entirely and concludes Islam is the real problem. Both are boogeymen and people need to realize that. More importantly about Muslims than the “mentally ill”, but the demonization of the latter is pretty troubling too.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to post the link under item# 6. It is from an excellent channel (one who alos has been attacked as you have). Here is the link (and check out his other vids–worth it!):

  3. You are correct; it’s definitely photo-shopped, and a poor job of it, too.

    Please note the weird area where the distal part of the left arm ambiguously disappears near the slacks.

    I doubt seriously that anyone with an IQ above room temperature believes the Orlando event is anything but a hoax. The main reason being that no ambulances ever came to the scene at any time at all. Period.

    But for those working with only double digit power, there is so much more you could tell them:
    1. The pulse club’s dubious ownership–might be Hispanic, might be the dual national(Israel) gay guy who claims it on his linked-in profile, and also says he is the head of the Orlando Theatrical Association.
    2. The Pulse is painted a different color on on some google earth renditions–sometimes white with no sign, then, more recently, black with a large sign. Did they put the sign up for the hoax?
    3. The place itself is too small for the event described to have taken place. The fire code allows about 30 people, and there are less than 12 parking spaces. It is smaller than the Wendy’s accross the street.
    4. Only a few vicsims were intitially identified, when everyone knows that you need an ID to get into a club. The names were fictitious (like the name of the perpetrator). Then they claimed most were Puerto Rican, so they are harder to check, but there are many more Cubans than Puerto Ricans in Orlando. Some of the names were taken from a sex offender database and are names of people currently in prison.
    5. The crisis actors who pretended to be witnesses or relatives were all caught lying in front of the camera. Some examples: the guy who said he was shot and in the hospital for two days after the attack, gave the interview the day after the attack. The “woman” who claimed to be the mother of a victim, spoke about him in the past tense when she did not know yet if he was dead or not, and then she hesitated, then called him Christopher, when all the news channels and the NYT called him Andrew. Her name is supposed to be Christine, so maybe she was a confused transgender, as her man hands on her “wheel of fortune” audition video show. She was seen to be reading her lines in her first interview.
    6. There are no real tears from anyone whatsoever, but over $3.5 million and climbing on “go fund me”. One of the “cops” seen behind one who is speaking about this “tragedy” is seen to be laughing, then later he winks to the guy next to him. here’s the video:

    7. Days before this happened, there were Craig’s List ads in Orlando for “75 security officers” and for crisis actors as well.
    8. The alleged perpetrator is said to have worked for G4S, which is a well known Mossad/CIA front, Israeli owned company, and “Omar” was likely a patsy. G4S is the largest “security” firm in the world, also providing crisis actors and drill set ups. They work hard in the US prison system, and in the Israeli prisons, where they torture children.
    9. Beside the fact that there were no ambulances or legitimate emergency health care workers, let alone a hospital helicopter, gay actors are seen carrying a couple of people from half a mile away *toward* the Pulse venue. In one case they are shown on a couple of networks actually putting the vicsim down and laughing and “giving a thumbs” up sign.

    Well, there is more to be sure and more is coming out hourly, but I don’t have the patience to write it all down.

    It suits the agenda of 1. Gay, LGBTPQ sympathy, 2. inciting hatred of Muslims, 3. gun confiscation, 4. creating fear among the cattle, and 5. being so obvious about the contrivance that it is a form of mockery. Have a look at the Protocols where the plan is described in detail. It’s in English at Arthur Topham’s website, along with several interesting articles. You may recall he was arrested and tried for saying unpopular things in Canada a while back:


    Dear Nathan,
    I would like to say that I am glad you do not allow comments on YouTube–it’s mostly trolls anyway. I don’t even care if you publish my comment or not–it is really for you I am writing this. I think your work is promising.

    I hope you take good care of your health. Remember that all drugs are very toxic to the brain chemistry. Have a look at and look into their work. It is amazing, and the title could not be more apt. I have personally witnessed miraculous healings in people who have taken this micro-nutrient combo. They are a non-profit organization of twenty years, and if you call their toll free number they have support people ready to answer any questions about it, if you did not find the answer on their website. I know more than one person who had suffered serious mental illness for years, and, in some cases brain injury, and birth defects, and are now feeling perfectly well with no symptoms of illness at all. Please check this out for yourself, and read some of the 29 studies that have been done too. Most of all, they are helping with various forms of autism, which otherwise does not get better.

    Good wishes to you

    1. Thank you. I believe and pray that I have a very good feel for what my mind and body do well with and what they don’t and I’m careful to avoid things that don’t do me right. I take a few drugs that are prescribed to me that seem to help quite a bit and have no noticeable ill effects. That’s weird to say because before this everything I was prescribed seemed bent on killing me or making me crazy.
      I genuinely appreciate the concern and please steer me back on course when I waver, but for now I have never felt better or more balanced.

      1. Dear Nathan,
        I am so glad to hear that you are feeling well.

        Have you seen that documentary, “Generation Rx”?

        Best Wishes,

  4. I’m a pretty good photoshoper. Person who created this is not! Shirt was white, then they decided to make it black, which is why there is a white ‘glow’ on his arms from the white shirt. I think the glasses were added on which accounts for the same effect around them. Strange line right where his hair meets the head too… Possible that the hair is added as well… It’s quite possible that the whole image is a composite.

    1. I wasn’t sure anymore because my friend sent me a higher resolution photo with much more area covered as well and he said it looked legit. I haven’t looked it over because I was so bummed out that I was so confident and made a mistake. Maybe I can post that photo on the site under this category and people can decide for themselves.
      Thanks for coming over to the site to comment. I know it’s a hurdle and it means a lot to me. There is also great stuff on here from other content creators that I can virtually guarantee you haven’t seen.
      Peace & Love

  5. Looks like the sun is showing shadows from being directly above victim (shadow under right arm seems odd) . The shirt looks like it was blackened in and the sunglasses look like they were added. I agree that a photoshopped picture adds suspicion to an otherwise tragic and unfortunate event. One is compelled to ask why and to what end…

  6. Nathan, I don’t know what’s going on with these mass killings — hoaxes? False flags? Something else? Anyway, thought you might be interested in 2 drills that were announced and seeking crisis actors.

    UK: (‘Chillingly realistic!’ 1,000 actors participate in Europe’s biggest emergency response drill)

    US: (Fenway wants volunteers for mock ‘wide-scale’ terror attack)

  7. P.S. I don’t mean to suggest that MS804 & the VT situation are related. Just that I’m curious about your take on both at this time.

  8. Thanks – v interesting. I’m interested in updates on your current thoughts about MS804 and the VT students – what’s the hard evidence other than the social media posts and Nicole’s blanket? Oh, and why save the blanket and store it in the dorm room?

  9. can we believe any media? i mean really. i always used to say there is a hidden motive for everything ….. thanks LTV~!

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