Project Phoenix | Mandela Effect, MS804, Migrant Crisis & Video Games

A real buffet table with several dishes of knowledge to choose from. Enjoy grazing.

Here’s the link I mentioned. Take a look at the description and comments and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Project Phoenix | Mandela Effect, MS804, Migrant Crisis & Video Games”

  1. In my unauthoritative opinion it’s The Berenstain Bears and Froot Loops, and Curious George should have a tail. In other words, the “Mandela Effect” seems to hold an inordinate sway over those matters important to children, not as much to adults. Furthermore, commercial trademarks and/or catchphrases are often subtly altered, by their owners, and these differences are noted by the Mandela people. These factors certainly don’t mean that some induced Effect doesn’t exist, but are something to consider.

    And people believe that the verbiage of their Holy Bibles is being altered, but that’s been standard practice for well over 2000 years.

  2. This Mandela Effect assumes one wouldn’t read something wrong from the beginning…that our memories are infallible which of course is not true. The Mandela Effect sounds so snide ” I thought you were dead” and also the guy himself who posted it said himself that he didn’t know or hear that information himself and neither did I. However it is a great way to reintroduce Mandela to us and kudos to you for that. Also, saw Cecil B. Demented and thank you, it was so funny. It’s so hard to find the “winning edge” of film without an agent or a writer boyfriend so don’t blame yourself for leaving it behind. Tommy Lee Jones and Kathy Bates both entered the industry late in life and have great film careers ( I think? )

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