Project Phoenix vs. Venus Patrol. Video Games to Change the World.

A story about the independent gaming website Venus Patrol and its founder Brandon Boyer.

4 thoughts on “Project Phoenix vs. Venus Patrol. Video Games to Change the World.”

  1. Love your work! I plan on giving money to you around the end of August when I get paid by my clients!

    I’ll pray that others find your videos and wake up! This is a war on Free Speech, that Liberals (like the ones in power, believe free speech only applies to them, and everyone else must be punished and silenced. It’s a sad country that we live in. Americans must wake up to the lies, and realization that the MSM is a propaganda outlet that lies to justify enacting the legislation they puppet masters desire. I don’t know how so many people can partake in such lies, and those that knowingly spread the lies within the MSM. It’s obvious these Florida shooting events are fake, but those that couldn’t see thru the Boston Smoke Bomb and Sandy Hoax footage and evidence are going to keep right on believing their propaganda and agree with their demands for more enslavement.

  2. Overland Jeep
    Overlook Hotel

    Anyway, Hi Nathan, what’s going on? Bartomon here.
    I was in the middle of a reply to our buddy Kris and then tried to post and got an error.
    I poked around a bit and it looks like all comments are disabled on your vids. Why?

    Did you turn them off or are you getting fucked with again? or both?

    I’m frustrated (don’t read as: I’m frustrated with you. I like you!)
    I had a great discussion going with Kris. Well it was great from the standpoint of what I was writing, less about what he was writing, although he’s a great wall to bang my head against.
    I had most of our discussion archived and I was gonna do another dump but now I’m locked out.

    I’m just curious about what’s going on.
    Holla back!


    1. All of my latest vids only get comments from creeps and creepy AI. I don’t ever see anything from anyone else and, yes, they are just trying to fuck with my head. They don’t have any powers here though.
      Also, everybody said it would destroy my channel and actually it made my views immediately go way up. So I’m rolling with it for now. I might be able to log your comments still on my end, so let me know if it’s real important to you.

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