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Remember to break the door on your way out | Changing Reason

The latest on the Brussels bombing hoax from Changing Reason.

4 thoughts on “Remember to break the door on your way out | Changing Reason

  1. This video should be titled “Wag the Dog: Brussels Edition.” Kinda like CSI Miami (or NY, or LA), or a bad episode of “24” (they’re all bad). NATO is carrying out Hollywood-style terrorist attacks all over Europe (I live in Germany) to scare the crap out of us and to get us used to being policed by the state. Slowly but surely Europe will turn into a police-surveillance state (it already is, I’m sure), which, along with the USA will usher in the NWO the Rockefellers and the Trilateral Commission wet-dream about. In other words, we’re royally f***ed.

  2. Yep, And I hereby declare that from now until forever I shall be referring to this ‘event’ as the BBB (Brussels Bullshit Bombing). Maybe that would be a good twitter hashtag. #BBB Hmm.. or maybe not…lets see… #BrusselsBullshitBombing Perhaps that’s a little better. I’ll try it now, lol Thanks for the excellent vids and info. Shared to FB, Twit, and G+. Later dude.

    1. I try not to curse, so I stuck with Bogus Brussels Bombings, but that acronym will still be the same, so they are virtually interchangeable. Thanks for commenting on my site! You’re awesome for doing that.

      1. Thanx and sorry if I offended but curse words are kinda all I could think of at the time to help truly punctuate this outrage.

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