Russianvids | Dallas Police Shooting Hoax – Fireworks Show

Russianvids gets the scoop on the type of ammunition being fired in Dallas to create the full Hollywood effect.

Credit Zatisis for the zirconium spark balls video:

7 thoughts on “Russianvids | Dallas Police Shooting Hoax – Fireworks Show”

  1. Bautista, like the others, never acts as if he is in shock. With all that gunfire, someone would suffer from raw emotions. It is never seen, here, including in respect to the Mayor or police chief.

  2. Very likely Russian Vids got this from someone who added the effects or did it himself (wouldn’t trust him at all). I’ve watched this same video in highest resolution possible and there are no sparks… one instance of more visible concrete shooting off.

    1. I have the video from multiple sources (FOX, WSJ) and there are lots of sparks. I don’t know what video you would be talking about.

  3. Another Hollywood crap. Sometimes I dont even need to watch all the haox videos and false flags they only confirm what I already know. I’m surprised how many people still believe this rubbish. Its getting boring. How stupid do they think we really are? We dont believe anything back home (East Europe) the national reaction to american ‘tragedies’ is ‘Their goverment screwing up its own ppl again’ well not just american tho Its becoming popular every where now lol I suspect its not a new trend maybe a renewed one 😀

  4. This guy is in the special effects business and also is of the opinion that they used them rather than live ammo. Hollywood’s signature is all over these staged events. I wonder what they’ve got lined up in the way of “forthcoming attractions”. By the way, the Mossad motto is “By way of deception thou shalt do war”, according to one of their agents, Victor Ostrovsky, who defected.

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