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San Bernardino Hoax: Location & Motive. Episode 3. Water Wars. – YouTube

One thought on “San Bernardino Hoax: Location & Motive. Episode 3. Water Wars. – YouTube

  1. Regarding San Bernardino Water Wars. Our freshwater scarcity is entirely unnecessary. It appears that a significant piece of “hidden knowledge” is the fact that the earth CREATES water, quite apart from the hydrological cycle. Think how life on earth would change if we could get this info widely distributed. Where clean water is sufficient, agriculture is sufficient, and livestock; and hygiene infrastructure.


    Primary Water is water outside the ocean-evaporation/rainfall cycle. It is water newly-formed below the earth’s mantle, where hydrogen and oxygen are combined to form steam. Under intense pressure it erupts upwards, cooling and condensing to form new water as it goes. It is estimated that there is more water being formed under the mantle than there is in the oceans. Evidence of water trapped below the crust is given by the steam which is the main gas that escapes active volcanoes, and water which is released into rivers and springs following earthquakes. Also the inexplicable quantities of water occasionally released in mining and tunnel-construction.

    Frequently such water is available close to the surface where it has been trapped by rock formations. Access to this water, even in the desert, was technology known to Pliny the Elder and practiced by Charlemagne seven centuries later in providing water to his castles constructed on mountainous high ground.
    The technology was lost to the West, perhaps partly because it contradicted scientific dogma on the history of earth’s geology. For our purposes it was rediscovered by a German who would have been a contemporary of our grandfathers. He told 3 boys about it when he took them camping in one of those castles, and one of those boys– become a digger of wells– speaks to us here.
    Interview of Dr. Stephan Riess, who rediscovered this ancient process. He began drilling wells in the 30s. He died in the 80s, but he passed his knowledge on to others, and there is a book.

    These wells are being drilled in the US, mid-east & Africa, but not in huge numbers– just like w alternative motors, this is knowledge that is not welcomed by the oligarchs, who are buying up water rights and perhaps don’t want their investment diluted.

    Eighty wells have been dug in Tanzania alone, a few in the US, and a smattering in other countries. In 1958 Stephan Reiss located and developed the water supply for California City, including a 26 acre artificial lake which maintains two golf courses and a park. The City itself was a real estate developer’s project which didn’t succeed, but the lake, the water supply, golf courses and park are still there.

    Here are a few more bits:

    The water is pre-formed & often found 200-300 feet below the surface. The water extends below this level, but the wells are drilled where there is a neck of bedrock at or close to the surface. The bedrock at the surface corks the lower reservoir, and the water is released by boring thru the “cork”. Many wells have been drilled. Of course, specialized knowledge of this type of hydrology is required.

    Scientific American March 2014: Study documents vast quantities of water beneath the earth’s surface. Study confirms “that there is a very, very large amount of water that’s trapped in a really distinct layer in the deep Earth… approaching the sort of mass of water that’s present in all the world’s oceans.”

    BBC News December 2014: Study presented at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union– researchers estimate there is more water locked deep in the earth’s crust than in all its rivers, swamps and lakes together.

    Science March 2002 Japanese researchers report the earth’s lower mantle may store about five times more water than its surface oceans.

    If you just remember “primary water” anyone can look it up. It’s one of the ways we can beat the oligarchs.

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