San Bernardino Hoax: Location & Motive. Episode 4.

We are getting near the point of closing the book on the San Bernardino / Redlands drill. This is the result of some very in-depth reporting. Enjoy and thanks for watching.

8 thoughts on “San Bernardino Hoax: Location & Motive. Episode 4.”

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  2. I have some info you should be interested in on the chase scene. I have tried to give this info
    to people but they are not concerned. It shows with out a doubt the chase scene was not
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    1. hey whats you got John, im in apple valley, where they did that bullshit thing with 20 “mexicans” claming the jhad shooting blah blah, but been trying to find shit out on this because this shit is real now more than ever it’s not just youtube clips around the country and world it’s fucking here backyard now. But i know SB PD are not all im sure but most are dirty, don’t get me wrong hey i like a little bit dirt every now & again, but not like these scum bags….. yeah im in apple valley, up the hill 20 mins away from redlands, what makes it worse is I KNOW these cops are dirty, iwould say that was our last line of “legal” deffense against whatever….but if the cops dirty, along with the politcal towns people, fuck there dirty too, which they are, LOL back in days used to party with this chick but in AP they got a unit called “SMASH” drug&gang cops dirty of the dirtiest but this chick was a dessert rat born and raised out here, NOT ME im from the fucking BEACH, these people out fing crazy, but she used to score for one of the smash guys i won’t type the name but i’ll say it, lol but one night i was wit her we scored meth for this cop, like not for eviedence not to smash but to snort & smoke up. it was funny he spent like 200$ not that much, but i was up on a hill i drove her & sure enough this WHITE smash cruiser comes up in this Ping lot a lil down the hill she goes down in the maybe 8 to10 mins not long she comes back up laughing, all he did was a big gagger, thats a big line of meth” then gave her back the rest it was wierd, but he just trying to play mr cool with her they used knock the boost but they were my boost at the time hehe LOL j/k. but yeah so many other stories but this shit is just getting to real now, i been awake since 2002, trying to help wake the dead myself, but feels like im still getting woke up myself, with every new event these illuminated-scum bags do!!! anyway dude just wanted to know what u were sitting if not no worriers bother take-care be-safe party-hard & only truth&Love will guide us free………. Jbyrd

  3. nate…ha..or as I call u to my friends…”veil”..i am soo looking forward to ur true finale on SB chase series. I have a few questions…did u know fox news sent only 1 reporter – adam hously to SB..what????
    do u know how many news copters covered the chase scenes? also..that diversion chase that ended w water bottles n boxes in road and a very large cop looking guy in a vest on ground..dude what was that -it was 100% diversion. good work on Brussels..most important thing in these hoaxes is to record news the first day or 2….those 2 chicks – on bench n on phone looked soo freaking fake its scary…we truly are the numbest society in world to believe that bs Brussels video..keep up good work bro..waiting soo impatiently for shootout scene – w handcuffed farook n malik n those frauds approaching them like they were SS storm troopers. ur detail on Lincoln 6 n those assclowns who killed that special 19 yr old was soo revealing..whats chances those same guys are all over the radio n in control on that day of shooting – also love that the way cops let the drive by slow vehicle disappear what a fn joke ..sorry to ramble bro- ur the best stay focused peace frank

  4. You’ve done some fantastic research. I like your new site too, and the anonymous comments as well. I’ve abandoned Facebook, Google, etc. so sometimes I have trouble commenting on things…

    Anyway, you seem like an honest outsider who probably is also infected with toxoplasmosis. All the best people have it.

    All jokes aside, keep up the good fight. I dig your statement “I promise to be honest with you, but what you hear may not be the truth.”

    Res ipsa loquiter.

    Ps: I found you by lurking in r/conspiracy. I’ve even considered making an account there because I think your posts are underrated. Maybe I will make an account…
    Maybe try talking to Mae-brussell-hustler or 911bodysnatchers322. I believe those users may be the most receptive to your brand of truth, but what do I know…

  5. Your latest “What It Is: 3.18.2016. The Movie Star. ”
    is blocked with the following message:
    “This video contains content from Lionsgate (Shop), who has blocked it on copyright grounds. “

    1. Yeah, I fixed it. Heartbreaking, but the video is still worth it. Now it is dated for the 19th, but it’s the same show.

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