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San Bernardino Hoax: The Chase. Act 2

4 thoughts on “San Bernardino Hoax: The Chase. Act 2

  1. Hello, Nathan, what it is, what it do, what it be! Pardon my use of a lame pseudonym below, but you’re welcome anytime to drop an email, at that address, and “Mr. Filmhistory” will know to pick it up. I used to have a website/blog, but I can’t afford to maintain it anymore, darn. You might be able to relate to this.

    I caught up with LiftTheVeil via the YouTube machine, a few months back, and I like your commentary and overall laid-back ‘tude (welcome contrast to most “truther” bellowers and screamers and whining insinuators) so I thought I’d drop a card here at your site instead. Because participating in any YouTube “comments” section is pretty much the height of absurdity, don’t you agree? Okay, maybe you can’t quite afford to agree.

    Have been sickened by this nation’s fakeroo acts since about 2002 or so (or maybe it was 1964, I’m too dazed to remember) and I duly applaud anyone who does their homework and gets somewhere near the fruit at the bottom of the mass-media yogurt. The seeming spread of our outright “false flag” skits to old Europa, which we had formerly believed was collectively too “intelligent” for this stuff, is a distressing development also. Another small illusion shattered there. So kudos to your work on “Brussels” and the “Migrant Crisis” also.

    Further, I liked your informative productions on “junk silver,” and I’m right alongside you there (in theory anyway). I was going to buy a bunch of junk silver a couple of years back, and then the local (Pasadena area) coin/metals dealers informed me that they had “run out of stock” on junk silver, isn’t that coincidental? So get yours before the gubbamint buys it all with greenbacks! It’s still available from various websites, of course, but purchasing junk silver online sort of defeats the “confidentiality” aspect.

    Notice how the spot price of silver has risen at least 10% (and I think more) in only the past year or so? It’s now outpacing gold, in percentage rise, for the first time in forever. Nah, nobody’s worried about their paper money.

    As a fellow South Calif transplant from “back East” (which is everywhere) I have been intrigued by your recent examination of San Bernardino which, as I’m sure you’re more than aware, is a rather dubious place. Unlike the rest of South Calif, you might ask? No. Of course, as any faultline map will tell you, downtown Berdoo is where “The Big One” is going to happen anyway, so we won’t have to worry about that town too much longer. Even Ross Perot and/or Junior can’t do much about it. Bet they’ve got some juicy, Silversteinesque property-insurance policies, though.

    But I’m still wondering, and this is the real point of this email, “Where is ‘The Chase Part 3′”?” Haven’t been able to find it, and I love to watch your animated black-SUV floating around the Berdoo map, ha ha. No, seriously, you’ve done a great job with the initial two parts, they are a pair of your better productions, so I’m hoping for an equally “cinematic” conclusion in Part 3.

    Also, regarding your examination of the various evil DARPA connections, I’m sure you’ve already noted within your productions, somewhere, the similar neuro-fiddling background of Mr. James Holmes, lately of Aurora Colorado, as well as his La Jolla-based papa. Remember how young James was, at one time, reportedly working on some kind of supersoldier cocoa-derivative which would keep “folks” up for days, research which was presumably funded by MARS BARS? Some darkly hilarious chocolate there, but I’m sure looking forward to those particular bars hitting the market.

    Well, here’s wishing you the best of health and otherwise, that you can stay out from under the Berdoo PD attack drones, and avoid the vengeance of Lincoln 6. Good movie title, THE VENGEANCE OF LINCOLN 6. I would pass along, to your site, some kale, cabbage and/or lettuce, but I believe in the confidentiality of PayPal just about as much as I believe in using YouTube comment boards. And I’m currently among America’s “army” of unemployed, so there’s that. But unemployment just allows me more time to watch LiftTheVeil, doesn’t it?

    Uh-oh, now that I’ve written the previous sentence, I suddenly sense a time-consuming government job offer sailing on its way!

    1. I normally don’t read comments as long as this, but you have a pleasing way of stringing words together. And the flattery always works with me.
      The Chase 3. You’re not the only one waiting. I better get on that one. I’m kind of into the Moon landing stuff at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll move on from that when my ADD kicks in.
      Thanks for the super nice comment. I’m unemployed too, but I would be happy to accept donations lots of different ways, even Bitcoin (although I haven’t used Bitcoin before, I am interested in doing so).
      Thanks thanks thanks for watching and being there for me. I appreciate you quite a bit.

      1. Nathan, sorry to have written a lengthy note, addressing lots of subjects, I’ll keep them somewhat shorter henceforth. But thanks for your compliment also, as I have done some verb-stringing to earn a few dollars, every so often, and flattery is the diamond-lane to my heart too.

        By the way, my previous note contained no such flattery, just the “truth.” And your worldwide audience would concur.

        The “moon landings,” yeah, I loved those astronauts when I was younger. You can imagine the effect they had upon the boys and young men of that era, they were superstars! And one of them, the most “troublesome” of the original group, the tragic Virgil Grissom, was even kind of a “local hero” out in my neck of the woods. That will give you a “clue” regarding my bucolic origins.

        But when I “grew up” and learned more about lighting and photography, and I had another (sort of unwilling) look at those “moon photos,” the whole thing began to unravel. And it was pretty distressing! How can “they” break aging boys’ hearts like that?

        I guess most (in the U.S.A. anyway) still believe that “we” landed on the moon and then just decided never to return, like it had only been a drag to go there in the first place. And, dare I say, maybe that fond belief is almost okay, it’s a small balm for a wounded society. It’s akin to most people not wishing to believe that a childhood hero–such as, to take a random example, charismatic Paul McCartney–might be fifty years’ dead, even if they somehow fear it. The 1960s today seem like another world entirely.

        I’m sorry to hear of your temporary unemployment, brother, it’s really a virus that’s going around. But being unemployed makes it more difficult for “them” to frighten us. I mean, what are you going to do now, make me MORE unemployed? As a direct proof, the 1930s produced much of the toughest U.S. writing, and authors, of the 20th century.

        As we once asked about Richard Nixon, “Would you buy a used car from this man?” Well, Nathan, from what I have seen, I would buy a used car from YOU, and you must know that’s pretty high praise. I’m too old to make any kind of Nixonian employment comeback, myself, but I’m sure that a young man, with brains and winning ways, will soon be alright. And, for the nonce, we’ll all have more LiftTheVeil!

        Bitcoins, I’m ignorant about them, I don’t even know where to get a bitcoin. That is, with any true confidentiality. I’ll talk to coin dealers about that, I really should do some research. But I have heard that even the mysterious bitcoins have been appreciating in “value,” another telltale sign.

        But I’d be happy to meet you somewhere in the San Gabriel foothills for a cup of overpriced South Calif. coffee, one of these years. I’m buying. Then I’d be able to slip you a couple of relatively anonymous greenbacks under the table, as I glance furtively over my shoulder. I’ll know you when I see you. I’ll approach on tiptoe and whisper, “What it is,” so you’ll know it’s me, ha!

        As a now-departed friend used to sign off on his letters, “Take it easy, but take it.”

        1. I’m unemployed entirely by choice and could go back to work next week selling fancy cars if I were so inclined. It’s funny that you are in the Pasadena area. I’m not sure how long you’ve lived there, but I used to run the Maserati dealership at the corner of S Fair Oaks & Del Mar, until it closed down in 2009 during the last financial meltdown. That’s when I moved up to NorCal and went to work at the Ferrari-Maserati store in Silicon Valley. I think I’m only 3.5 hours from Pasadena where I am currently residing, so it is not out of the question that I will be making a day-trip or two to the greater LA area.

          You can also donate using the PayPal button on this site, of course. Do you not like PayPal? I’ve been hearing that from a few people and I’m curious in general what the objections are to that service.

          Thanks for all the support and for your comments. They are much appreciated.

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