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San Bernardino Hoax: The One That Got Me Killed

One thought on “San Bernardino Hoax: The One That Got Me Killed

  1. My very strong suspicious is that throughout this country as cops find themselves in a situation where they have killed someone who was unarmed, the government moves in on them with “options”.
    I believe they are guaranteed “no charges” and as a condition are expected at a future date to be available to “cooperate in any many necessary with the FBI, etc.” Indeed, they then sign the agreement with the “devil” and are used to lies and obfuscate any and all information in a situation deemed sufficient by the government entities.
    This of course sets up the “win / win” situation for frauds and hoaxes to be perpetrated upon the public using these officers for reasons not realized at the time. True to form of a corrupt establishment within our government, they employ bribery, blackmail and threats in order to advance their sinister agendas.

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