3 thoughts on “Sex IN the City”

  1. Another good thing to do with titles of songs or movies or TV shows is to look up their entries in the official databases, IMDB, ISBN tracking site, etc. Also do an image search for phrases and you will often find merchandise or products with a phrase or quote or the old title that isn’t changed.

  2. Another trick I use is Facebook – you can see the old names come up in Facebook search as a predictive result like how it comes up in Google results (predictive). Also, I am noticing that the old titles/names of books, movies, etc., also phrases and quotes that change are NOT changed in images but are changed in text/hypertext. The bot can change text but images are harder – they would have to be re-rendered. That is just an anecdotal observation…I am sure there are examples of images being changed too.

  3. Nice find! I remember when this show was popular, and I saw part of one of the movies. The more I think about it, the more I recall it being IN the city, but it wasn’t something I paid much attention to.

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