SpaceX & Elon Musk Fake Another Landing | August 14, 2016

My take on the latest fraud from Elon Musk and SpaceX.

47 thoughts on “SpaceX & Elon Musk Fake Another Landing | August 14, 2016”

  1. I’m sure you have heard of the private cargo launch rescheduled for this coming Sunday, wondered if you had anyone set to video the launch within the visibility area. Can’t really find mention of the private company, didn’t really look – figured it could be interesting either way.

    Yes, I am glad you are doing well Nathan.

  2. I just discovered you today and am enjoying your videos. Re: spacex fake…funny how it locked up and missed the actual landing, and I was thinking, odd how they changed camera angles when it came back. Logically, if they had more than one camera, one would expect them to be running multiple cameras so that if one malfunctioned, there would be backup ones, eh? Idiotic.

  3. My understanding is that as a rocket goes into space, it’s mass is reduced as fuel is burnt up. Because the force remains constant, the acceleration should increase over time. As a comparison, the acceleration curve of something like a car reduces as it gets faster, this is due to the frictional forces opposing the force of the acceleration.

    1. You’re right about that. My concern was that the guy behind the desk said they were encountering maximum forces and there was no change in the acceleration at that time.

  4. I like your videos because they make me want to know more about the subject. I’ve been reading a lot on Zika in S.America and microcephaly. It’s very good for my brain.
    I think it’s interesting that the PR firm for SpaceX is a firm based in Brussels (via Norway branch) which is secretive and expert on govts, NGOs etc. Theyre covered well. Really disappointing that all power inevitably comes back to a handful of people in the world.
    I really appreciate your time to make things interesting.

  5. Want to hear a really whacky conspiracy theory? Musk’s Tesla car (which has nothing to do with Tesla’s inventions and discoveries) and ponzi scheme business “strategy” is going to blow up and besmirch the name of Nikola Tesla, the greatest scientist and inventor ever to have lived who gave us the reality of free energy but who died penniless, broken and forgotten. Just like the CIA’s Flat Earth psy-op is intended to deceive truthers and help to destroy the Truth Movement.

    1. I’ve been saying that on my show for a while. Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX are going to be the most colossal failures in the history of capitalism. Or at least the bullshit form of capitalism currently practiced. Hard to say when it’s going to happen, but it will be spectacular.

  6. Hi Nathan.
    Been watching you for a short while. I’m from Australia and have enjoyed your work. Must say I agree with a lot of viewpoints.
    Keep it up.
    One thing on space. Have a look at the space suits worn by astronaughts and how they are heated and cooled. It’s called the sublimator. Also the battery pack and how much available power there is.
    We have a saying ‘ bullshit baffles brains ‘ and I think it applies here.
    The NASA site gives all the information you need to work out their crap.
    I have plenty of points of interest about the space programme but those two will do you for now.
    I never look at my email account so no emails please.

    Like I say, keep it up, you are onto it.
    Cheers from down under.

  7. Hi Nathan, good video again:)
    I still have my problems how people can believe this crap from Spacex. I released a video about Spacex, which prooves 3 times that the Falcon9 goes nowhere. But there are still people who deny these facts. Talking about perspective, camera settings and bla bla bla. Sometimes hard to believe how ignorant people can be. So please, have a look at my video. I’m pretty sure you will like it 🙂

  8. I’m confused by this.. how many times did they do this. The video I first saw on this was one that Texas Shrugged did… and that one too had 3 dumb-asses explaining this away and the landing BS satellite crap that they pre-warn you about (so stupid)… Which came first here? :/

  9. you dont understand physics you idiot. the speed was decreasing because as you get closer to the apogee (highest point in orbit, or in this case parabolic trajectory) your speed slows down. also, the speed before MECO was not linear. it was slightly increasing as the rocket was higher in the atmosphere. You were watching the hosted webcast, these are things they should’ve explained before the launch to help people like you understand what is really happening. How about this, if you think your so smart, why dont you start your own space program. P.S. i havent even gotten half way through your stupid video and i can already tell you dont know what you are talking about. I’ve seen a falcon 9 launch, i know it is real, the math checks out you assbrain.

    1. It’s funny that you think I was going to read your comment after you called me an idiot in the first sentence. And even though you’re a troll, I approved your comment so that you can have your platform. You are completely exposed here and you won’t get the reaction you’re looking for. Thanks for helping with my SEO.

    1. No kidding. Space X clearly has an army of bots and agents working for them. The number of thumbs down is not realistic and you see the professionals in the comments. Pretty funny stuff.

  10. Dear SpaceX,
    Regarding PR, if you truly want to generate public interest in space……how about pointing that camera at something other than a boring blob of flame. Maybe point it toward….oh, i don’t know…SPACE, maybe?

  11. This totally reminds me of the science fiction movies from the 1940’s & 1950’s that portrayed most of the rocket/space ships taking off and landing upright.

  12. Why isn’t the barge moving w the ocean? OK, camera’s ON the barge so moving w it & dark blots out stationary referrents. But there IS one referrent in at least some of these clips– the rocket itself, or its thruster flame before it alights.

    Agreed the techies are phoney.

    The red lights are visible for a mo in Texas Shrugged’s “Is SpaceX Real or Fake.”

    1. Sorry, I initially got confused when I replied to this comment. The whole cast of characters there is just having a blast. It’s really insulting.

  13. Wow, that was funny. I don’ pay attention to much of the space stuff out there, so I didn’t really know where you were going with this. The end, with the clapping and the rocket magically appearing, was like the punchline in a hilarious movie. Thanks for the chuckle! Stay safe, ♥️ To Doshi.

  14. My oh my, when in space that camera angle on the ‘rocket’ exhaust seems a bit odd. Does the craft have an extendible selfie stick?

  15. This latest Elon launch is just copy/paste of previous ones that I describe at . No real F9 rocket with payload is launched (it is a stage prop firewoks), the separation of stage 2 from stage 1 at about 76000 m altitude and great speed and pictures from space are just computer generated images and the landing of stage 1 on a remote controlled barge in the Atlantic Ocean is just a magic trick Houdini style. I wonder why Elon must repeat the same show over and over again.

  16. Great stuff Nathan.
    Here is a young guy who i think is a genius when it comes to financial analysis. See what he has to say about Musk.

  17. All of your “evidence” that you cite is easily explained if you simply did a Google search. People like you make me sad for humanity.

    1. I can’t speak for the rest of my audience, but I’m not strictly human, so don’t feel sad for me. It’s unfortunate that we have a difference of opinion though.

    2. This is what makes you sad for humanity? So things were skipping along great until you landed on this website and watched this video? No worries about nonstop wars, genocides, whole countries starving, child sex abuse and so on. A video with someone posing questions, a peaceful person attempting to exercise his brain and this is what shakes your faith in humanity? Seems you need to do some research of your own, get some perspective because humanity has been in rough shape for quite some time now.

  18. Ok, Here we go again:

    1. Regarding the acceleration. It looks like it is going up at a constant rate because the engines have the ability to throttle, and they throttle back as they climb to remain at a constant g-limit because the atmosphere is getting thinner so there is less resistance on the vehicle, and the vehicle is getting lighter due to burning off fuel. Also when your saying it looks like the engines are about to die, if your regarding the plume it looks like that because there is less oxygen higher up in the atmosphere, so no flame an be produced.

    2. Regarding the engine cut off. It continues to accelerate after the engine cuts off because the telemetry is being streamed back to the ground, so there is a delay.

    3. Regarding the speed after cutoff. It begins to slow down because the engines are not running anymore, and look at the altitude, the international boundary for space is 100km, so there is still atmosphere to slow the rocket down when the engines cut off. And if you think you don’t slow down through space you really don’t understand how orbital dynamics work. For example, lets say I have an orbit of 200km x 300km, when I’m climbing up to 300km my speed is going to decrease because i’m running out of acceleration, like when I throw a ball into the air it slows down until it begins to fall, and gain speed again as it falls, like when I pass 300 km and am now falling back toward 200km.

    4. Regarding what came off of the 2nd stage engine nozzle. That is called the Stiffener Ring, during launch there is a lot of force and vibration being put on the engine bell, and even though it is designed to handle the hot gasses and thrust coming out of it, it is still very delicate regarding things such as vibrations, and to avoid it warping during the first stage burn the ring is there to keep it stiff, when the 2nd stage engine starts up it is no longer needed and melts off due to the nozzle heating up.

    5. Regarding the wiggling line on the 2nd stage engine. That’s the heat coming from the engine so it’s distorting the image slightly, like looking at heat coming off of concrete.

    6. Regarding the hosts. They are not actors, they are actual employees of SpaceX, and they put a lot of effort into the webcasts because they want the PR. They want to get the public interested in space and rockets again, and they want to help people understand how this stuff works. And regarding John being in front of a green screen, he’s not, he’s just on the second floor of the building (fun fact he’s actually at the back of there cafeteria).

    7. Regarding the signal from the Drone Ship cutting out. Like they said, there is no WiFi in the middle of the ocean so they need to use a satellite dish. When the stage lands the vibrations from the engines shake the whole barge, including the dish, if you’ve ever been camping and had to set up a dish you would know that moving the dish even slightly will screw up the signal, sometimes to the point where you lose signal completely, so the signal is lost until the barge stops vibrating enough for the dish to remaining stable.

    8. Regarding the signal on the 2nd stage. They are not relying on a dish to send data and video back so its a lot more stable.

    9. Regarding the smoke form the first stage. Those are clouds, not smoke.

    10. Regarding the red lights. They can be anything, they could be a trick of the camera, they can be other cameras themselves, they can be other pieces of equipment, or they could be lights themselves to help give better light.

    Hopefully this helps you understand that this is not a joke and it is indeed real.

    1. That’s pretty funny. You’re like the NASA shills. Pre-loaded with all the “facts”. If they aren’t paying you, they most certainly should be.

      None of what you said matters because it’s a dead giveaway that it’s fake the way the actors set up the landing. They tell you in advance that there is going to be a problem with the signal and what do you know? There’s a problem with the signal right at the crucial moment. If you’re asking anybody here to buy that, then you’re too irrational to comment here. Good effort though.

    2. Regarding the “vibrations” of the rocket knocking out the data link – it’s a remote-controlled barge. There are waves in the ocean. If the data link is that sensitive, then the drone ship would just drift aimlessly.

      But let’s say the data link is stable most of the time, waves are no problem and the only thing that really makes it glitch is the vibration from rockets. The camera wouldn’t cut off just because the data link went down temporarily. Once a stable data link was reestablished, the entire footage could be uploaded during the next commercial break.

      If you’re saying we will see that video shortly, then I look forward to it. If you’re going to consult with your people and figure out the “reasonable” explanation for those items and get back to me, I guess I look forward to the absurdity.

    3. Apparently you know nothing about orbital motion. Orbital motion is actually projectile motion. In order to achieve an orbit, you have to launch the rocket or projectile at the required velocity, also called the escape velocity. Once the projectile reaches the desired orbit the engines can be shut off and inertia takes over. The orbital speed is determined by square root of the Gravitational Constant times the mass of the earth, divided by the radius. I’m not sure if it’s just the radius or the radius squared, google it. So long as there is no air resistance it should maintain it speed and rockets would only be used for navigation.

      As far as the engines not having enough oxygen, rockets don’t rely on oxygen from the atmosphere, because they use solid oxygen along with hydrogen. So you would still see a flame. As soon as the engines were shut down the spacecraft should have began to slow down.

      Since the trip was so short, the spacecraft probably didn’t achieve an orbital path. But the question remains, how did they manage to get the spacecraft in a vertical position and land it so precisely on such a small platform on a barge.

      If they knew there was going to be a problem with the spacecraft moving the barge around, why didn’t they put the dish on a different vessel and relay the single.

  19. Haha. At 6:44 green screen guy reads the time off of his wrist watch then realizes he isn’t wearing a watch.
    Once again, I think this is calculated misdirection…. They WANT you to doubt their ability to land a rocket upright. Meanwhile – we just take for granted that rockets can work in space. But can they?

  20. Even if they couldn’t get a live shot of the landing, why didn’t they at least video tape it? Are they going to say there are no camcorders or webcams in the Atlantic ocean?

    1. That’s a great point. I fleshed out the argument in reply to the shill with all the answers. It’s funny, I think they have more agents than NASA. They are all over me on this one. I guess I should have started covering it sooner 😉

    2. Here’s a daytime landing on the droneship with video from the air. Are you all suggesting this one is faked as well?

      Or landing on land?

      I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing video soon enough. They have non-streaming cameras positioned all over the deck. But I’d imagine getting the multi-million dollar rocket safely back to port is a higher priority than satisfying fans or the general public (or, in this case, appeasing conspiracy theorists).

      Why I’m feeding the trolls, I have no idea.

      1. I’ve seen other Space X videos that purport to show the landing and those were clearly faked as well. I have one of them up on my site narrated by a genuine aeronautical engineer, you should check it out. Even if I saw a real video now, we still have to deal with all of the fakes. Why are they putting out staged, fake videos?

      2. I saw a daytime landing. I’m not sure, but it looked to me like they launched it off of the barge and then just played it back in reverse. I couldn’t see any evidence with the smoke and the graphics blocked the water crashing against the barge. A little video trickery could have dealt with the smoke. I just don’t believe something that tall and narrow could land without falling over. It would be like dropping a pencil eraser side down and have it remain standing after contact. Impossible, especially at the speed it came down. Also, if you look at speed counter and altimeter, they indicate the thing landing at about 24,000 km/hr and descending 164 km in about 20 seconds, it didn’t make any sense.

        1. The speed indicator you reference isn’t for the landing first stage. It’s for the second stage still flying into space. The landings aren’t the primary mission.

          Geez, guys. Just because you don’t properly research, understand or comprehend something doesn’t mean its fake.

          1. It doesn’t go over well around here to say that you’re right because you’re smarter than people who believe something different than you do. I try not to censor real people because there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with me, but you’re not winning anybody over by calling them stupid.

            Hold the douche when you bring the next course. Cheers.

    3. That is exactly correct! Have they not heard of or use a video memory buffer that can upload the video data once the “signal” is stabilized?! Apparently they think they can put rockets in space but can not run a web cam on Earth?! LOL!

  21. As a traveling audio engineer our tour busses have satellite TV that functions while the buss is moving. The signal doesn’t drop out unless line of sight is lost like going under an overpass. The signal will drop and instantly will come back when line of sight is reestablished. The dish is on the roof mounted on a rotating/tracking assembly.

  22. Actually, Ms. PR Lady lied. There IS wi-fi in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We tend to think that wi-fi comes from satellites, but it doesn’t. “The reality is that the cloud is actually under the ocean.”

    There’s a map in the article that shows where underwater cables are located. If Elon Musk can shoot rockets into space, then surely he can tap into nearby underwater cables!! Sheesh!!

  23. I live near the space coast and we can watch it lift off then land from our front yard. It’s really something. I can share the video of it if I can figure out how. They genuinely do blast something off from the cape, you can see it go up then it hovers for a bit and slowly comes back down to earth. Right before I lose it beneath the trees in the distance it flares up pretty good. I have watched them land them 3 x. It’s bizarre to say the least but they are definitely landing them back on the ground. Wether or not they stay upright is beyond me.

  24. I want a t-shirt that says “THERE’S NO WIFI IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ATLANTIC OCEAN.” But there ARE miraculous vertically-landing rockets? Got it.

    As usual, great attention to detail. That wiggling purple line makes me mad. The clapping was even worse. Geeze, these people.

  25. Considering I believe that space is a super cool fluid and we have never gotten out of the van allen belt … I think all of it is faked in a giant pool somewhere and the rest with high altitude planes … too much proof earth aint moving and they are lying aboot big bang … I will now watch your vid to see whats up with this space x , latest debacle , as NASA passed them the baton of late , team fail guys

    Keep up the good work Nathan

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