Spy vs Spy | Good vs Evil: The Final Battle

It’s time.

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  1. Ok so prove it then. What kind of argument is that? And the whole David Wheeler thing? Come on. That’s not even remotely the same person. I thought everyone had moved on from that one. You can speculate all you want but the burden of proof is still on you. Show me something. Anything.

    1. Who’s David Wheeler?
      And I’ve shown quite a bit, so you said something that is completely and utterly unreasonable and irreconcilable with this version of Reality. That kind of behavior doesn’t go over well around here.

      1. Haha I was replying to someone’s comment here. The Penelope user. Not the video. I guess it shows them out of order? Anyway, you’re cool Nathan! Love the videos. I was trying to reply to that user. Peace!

  2. ooooooooooooooo………OMT…………..if you want someone to write articles or do analysis (if you are going to do articles or bloggin, my work is free for the asking ( as long as I have some time, lol!) STILL love you!

  3. Also, McJuggernuggets is currently in Switzerland, he left his dysfunctional family with all the cash he made….maybe you need to make a parody video of HIM wearing that pink lipstick. Also, remember, the guy is really messed up, so don’t forget to have compassion and pray that he turns around and sees the path he is on ….LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  4. I could make a huge, long commentary….but you said it all. I just love you. You are Nathan the Great, you have an extraordinary adventure ahead of you, and your toes are just in the water. You will bring multitudes to a peace that passes understanding, in the name of JESUS AMEN!
    McJuggernuggets makes crazy small town dysfunctional family videos that my 10 yr old loves…..that’s because he is 10. I have no idea how this guy got so popular, I guess too many people relate, SCARRY!!! Reminds me of the small east Tx town I grew up in….
    YOU keep lifting the VEIL, you WILL BREAK THROUGH 🙂
    Love and Blessings,
    Anna the Evangelista, Ys.

  5. Gotta point out that this event in Orlando was very real. Real people died. It’s obvious at this point. Still a very fishy incident to be certain. I just fear that too many people will “Auto Hoax” these days and I think that needs to stop. I understand why it happens with all the deception in the media etc.. but If you claim that nobody died then you better have some good evidence.

    1. FridayFriday, No, we only have to prove that ONE of the people who “died” didn’t, or never existed. Or, how about proving there weren’t 50ish injured people sent to hospitals.

      HuffPost Blog is offering $25,000 to anyone who can prove it. I just saw the story on Washington’s Blog.

      There is a list of the victims http://abcnews.go.com/US/orlando-nightclub-shooting-victims-named/story?id=39799005

      Careful; I smell a set-up.

      At Sandy Hook, they set us up like this: They had David Wheeler a prominent “parent of victim” also play the part of a swat officer on “the day of”. He lone wore dark glasses, his costume was “off”, and every time he saw a TV camera, he acted all squirrelly, looked away, etc. Then, to be absolutely SURE that conspiracy investigators saw him playing this second part, THREE major media chose a picture which included him. But here’s the set-up: They altered the one earlobe that showed in the photo, making it bigger, plumper than David’s. Since he is wearing dark glasses & a helmet, the altered ear easily became a disqualifier. They waited until a couple videos had pretty fair circulation before they “de-bunked”, offering a different person as the swat officer. The aim: to discredit citizen investigations– conspiracy theories.

  6. Hi, thanks for your insight. I’m noticing the use of color also. The Orlando shooting being a perfect example; it’s all in purple irrespective of which side the meme is supporting, they are all in purple. Can it be a vibrational thing? If there is a preponderance for the collective consciousness on one particular hue; can that alter frequency and collective consciousness level? Just found your channel enjoying what you’re saying 🙂

  7. Sorry to hear the comments are disabled. I hope it will not impact your view count. I just want to say that I am still watching on yt, following on twitter, liked on facebook, and checking reddit when I remember. I must admit that I don’t share much on social media (i think people like me are called lurkers) for fear of being labeled that crazy conspiracy lady. My apologies. Maybe one day I will screw my courage to the sticking place and leave the safety of hiding in sheep flock. So THANK YOU, for having the courage to speak your mind and please don’t ever stop.

    1. My view count only went way up and my creep count went to zero. Everybody said it would kill my channel. So far everybody else is wrong and LtV is right.
      If you don’t feel like watching and commenting here, then best of luck to you.

    2. Sorry, I was in a bad mood last night. I get that way sometimes, particularly with how sketchy things have been lately.
      Hopefully I can get a little slack her and there because I do appreciate you and intend to keep working for you.

  8. It is Google skewing with my comments, LtV; There doing it to me on every channel. I and I alone leave meaningful comments. And no it wasn’t a “bot”, It was ME who was copying and pasting my comments. Because they [Google] were suppressing my comments. That’s what caused the confusion. Google used to let my comments stand; but no more. I’m not a shill; a spy; or a troll. Period. So in all honesty, it was i. I plead guilty as charged. For years Google allowed my comments to stand across all channels. I think that they’re closing in on me for the kill shot. Because time is so short. I just waiting for that knock at the door now.

    Best regards,

    Wayne Herman

      1. I saw you thing on ‘Gravity’. At about, say, one minute into it, I knew were you were going with it. However, you didn’t seem to know how visualize it to convey it to your audience. But let me say this; it is completely relevant [the attraction]. But, that’s just the begging point of the grander picture. When you introduce ‘light’ (photon) **: actually a WAVE function – sine wave f(x) – [exponential] and of varying wavelengths and frequencies, rather than a particle. And along with it the irrational (i) part that can rotate the wave function to irrational degrees of rotation; then the wave function becomes [four] *** dimensional. And ‘Primes’ do play a significant role. And if you add in the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, bang; bingo. And also quantum tunneling; quantum entanglement and all the rest, it even paints a boarder picture. THERE IS NO HIGH’S particle (field). It isn’t required. They’ve admired it in white papers. The LHC categorically did not find the Higgs particle. If they did, would’t it be appearing in scientific journals through the world? Would’t it be a topic of discussion on a daily basis? Yes, it certainly would be. Here’s the rub, Nathan. The problem here, is that every particle in the universe can be broken down into its simplest form: a photon. So why don’t we need the Higgs field?
        ** A photon has no ‘rest’ mass. Therefore, given that the past and future converge into the present, everything is sitting at ‘rest’. Your theory is correct. You’re not crazy; you’re not anything that you say you are. You are a genius. Get used it. The side of you that you don’t see is as mine: both partly savant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savant_syndrome. Thereby, there’s no medication indicated for this.

        Best regards,

        Wayne Herman

  9. Do you anticipate that your YT comments will remain disabled indefinitely or just until you manage to identify those with malintent? It could impact your popularity as I’d imagine some people wouldn’t take kindly to not being able to comment or having to register just in order to do so.

    1. Yes, disabled forever. I don’t care if people don’t like it. You found your way here. It’s not that hard.

    2. Yes, I thought the same thing; negative impact. I do think if there wasn’t a website with a comments section then it would have more impact, but that’s not the case here. Hopefully people will want to comment so badly they will get their lazy selves over to the website (if they hadn’t done so yet), which is kind of genius. We all had to sign up for YouTube, which means being signed up all across Google as well, so this really isn’t that bad.

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