Nicole Lovell | The Conspiracy Theory. What Really Happened?

Speculation about the dark forces that might really be behind the Nicole Lovell disappearance. Pure speculation, for entertainment only.

Nicole Lovell | The Conspiracy Theory. NASA & the NSA

The second installment in the series, where we examine the two suspects in the Nicole Lovell case and their family connection to America’s Deep State.

Nicole Lovell | The Conspiracy Theory. Virginia Tech & DARPA

A look at what might be under the rug in the Nicole Lovell case. The beginning of an exciting series.

Nicole Lovell Background: VA Case Status and Information

This is the resource for researching criminal records in VA. There are several databases, so there could be hidden treasure that I haven’t found. David & Terri Surratt Lovell can be found in Wythe County and Montgomery County/Christiansburg.

Source: Case Status and Information

Nicole Lovell Homicide | Beware Social Media!!!

This is a dive into the potential motive behind this seemingly farcical production implicating the unlikely suspects of David Eisenhauer and Natalie Keepers. Don’t let them get away with it.