Flat Earth is not a Psyop | Lift the Veil with Jay Stephens

A discussion about whether or not the Flat Earth theory and movement are a psychological operation to discredit “real” truthers. Please watch with an open mind. Follow Jay Stephens @jayXstephens

SpaceX is fake (LtV is a Flat Earth shill) | Miles Mathis

He doesn’t mention me by name, but I have a feeling he’s been watching my show. I’m planning to address Mathis’ accusations and dive head first into the deep end of the Flat Earth swimming pool in a live show. Look for the promo.

SpaceX is Fake | Miles Mathis

Lift the Veil with Patricia Steere on Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes

An in-depth interview with LtV on Patricia’s show. Lots of topics covered, so if you can stand listening to this guy for 1:45, this is the perfect treat for your holiday weekend.

Reposted with permission from Patricia, but please visit her channel and subscribe.