Japan Knife Attack: False Flag by the Yakuza? (Japanese Mafia)

This mass stabbing being reported from Sagamihara, Japan, in the Kanagawa prefecture, has a lot of red flags indicating a false flag or hoax operation. As always, you be the final judge.

Photoshopped in Orlando | Shooting Victim Memorial Pic

First some real news and then the crowd-pleasing breakdown of a hack photoshop job.


“Mighty Fine” by World’s Finest
Permissions granted courtesy of World’s Finest



EgyptAir | A History of Hijackings

This is a look at a few other events in the long list of EgyptAir hijackings and the official response to them.

EgyptAir MS804 Conspiracy | Do the Math

First I take a little time to address the claims that I am a CIA agent, which I find incredibly flattering. Then we talk more about this bogus event involving the disappearing plane.

EgyptAir MS804 Conspiracy | The Victims

In this episode, I expose some very stinky background information about the reported victims in the mystery of EgyptAir MS804. All candidates to be players in the New World Order / Globalist agenda.