Flat Earth is not a Psyop | Lift the Veil with Jay Stephens

A discussion about whether or not the Flat Earth theory and movement are a psychological operation to discredit “real” truthers. Please watch with an open mind. Follow Jay Stephens @jayXstephens

Moon Landing Hoax | Debunktion Junktion. Lunar Roving Vehicle

Here I take some time out to address various objections from self-styled debunkers. I don’t have all the answers folks, so decide for yourselves.

Lunar Roving Vehicle Operations Handbook – Boeing (pdf)

Link to the operations handbook from Boeing. In my opinion it’s 221 pages of straight nonsense, but you be the judge…

Lunar Roving Vehicle Operations Handbook – Boeing (pdf)

Moon Landing Hoax | Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Just a lot more baloney and cheese from the trip we pretended to take the the Moon. What a load of manure that was…

Moon Landing Hoax | The Moon Buggy Charade

This is a more in-depth look at some of the technical and scientific reasons for us to conclude the whole thing smells like stinky cheese.

Nicole Lovell | The Conspiracy Theory. What Really Happened?

Speculation about the dark forces that might really be behind the Nicole Lovell disappearance. Pure speculation, for entertainment only.

Nicole Lovell | The Conspiracy Theory. NASA & the NSA

The second installment in the series, where we examine the two suspects in the Nicole Lovell case and their family connection to America’s Deep State.