Department of Homeland Security goes the “Full Stasi”

Time to stop pretending our government is any different in character than other fascist regimes that came before.

ICT4D – Telecommunications Services in the Knowledge Economy (pdf)

“Globalization and technological change are one of the main goals of ICT.”
“In order for individuals to receive more knowledge, surveillance is used. This relates to the use of Drones as a tool in order to gather knowledge on other individuals.”

Telecommunication Services in the Knowledge Economy (pdf)

EgyptAir | A History of Hijackings

This is a look at a few other events in the long list of EgyptAir hijackings and the official response to them.

EgyptAir MS804 Conspiracy | Do the Math

First I take a little time to address the claims that I am a CIA agent, which I find incredibly flattering. Then we talk more about this bogus event involving the disappearing plane.

EgyptAir MS804 Conspiracy | The Victims

In this episode, I expose some very stinky background information about the reported victims in the mystery of EgyptAir MS804. All candidates to be players in the New World Order / Globalist agenda.

FBI vs. iPhone: Enhancing the Surveillance State

A dive into the motives behind the completely made-up story about San Bernardino “terrorist”, Syed Farook, and his alleged iPhone 5C. An Israeli company, Cellebrite, also enters the picture.

War On Terror Turns Inward – NSA Surveillance Will Be Used Against American Citizens

The only thing I disagree with about this headline is the use of future tense. Check out the article.