Baton Rouge Police Shooting | Who is Gavin Long? The story you haven’t heard.

A full-length investigative report on the character of Gavin Long, the alleged shooter in the Baton Rouge police shootings. It contains several video clips which you won’t see anywhere else in the media.

Who is Gavin Long? | Baton Rouge Shooter Profile (teaser)

This is a teaser for a longer project that looks into the character of Gavin Long as he exists on the Internet today (and yesterday). Stay tuned for more.

EXCLUSIVELY on – Removed from YouTube | Gavin Long aka “I am Cosmo” from 8/2/2015

Alleged Baton Rouge “active shooter” Gavin Long had two YouTube channels: one that is still active called “Cosmo Setepenra” and one which has been taken down for “multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement”. This video, from the latter channel, pre-dates the current online persona of Gavin and is the only copy available on the Internet that Lift the Veil and its editorial staff are aware of.

We believe the reproduction of this video falls under “fair use” laws and note that several YouTube channels are currently mirroring content from the existing channel.

Dallas Police Shootings | Welcome to Hollywood

Another look at the “amateur video” from the 7/7/2016 Dallas police shootings during a Black Lives Matter protest. The whole scene appears to have been staged along with Hollywood-style special effects.

Russianvids | Dallas Police Shooting Hoax – Fireworks Show

Russianvids gets the scoop on the type of ammunition being fired in Dallas to create the full Hollywood effect.

Credit Zatisis for the zirconium spark balls video:

Nicole Lovell | The Conspiracy Theory. Virginia Tech & DARPA

A look at what might be under the rug in the Nicole Lovell case. The beginning of an exciting series.