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Terror in Nice, France | Where’s the blood at?

Just an early review of the stuff that went down in Nice, France on Bastille Day. I like it in that part of France. It’s nice there.

60 thoughts on “Terror in Nice, France | Where’s the blood at?

  1. OK France Bleu Azur (newspaper plus internet) is showing all the victims and their names.
    Many sites seem to think that nobody was killed and the whole thing was a hoax.
    So it may have been a “false flag’ but for the victims I will just select one for you to investigate. If you can prove he is a fake and not dead then I will be amazed.
    Michaël Péllegrini, 28 ans, professeur d’économie au lycée Récollets de Longwy en Meurthe-et-Moselle. His pupils are posting their tributes.

  2. Interesting video: RT news interview. Globalisation, ‘terrorism’, engineered migration etc.

  3. Nice may have been chosen as it’s hospital area centre 15 (1 + 5 = 6) and you will see alot of Samu 6 on the hospital vehicles. They love their sixes.

  4. I live in Antibes just up the coast from Nice. Initially I thought the “truck terrorism” was genuine but after looking at the pictures of the truck after it’s “rampage” there is not a spot of blood on it anywhere.
    I know the area pretty well and there is a whole line of palm trees down the centre of the road and it would be very easy for people to avoid the truck by just walking between the trees onto the other side of the road. The truck would have great difficulty in crossing through the trees. Also the people would not have to worry about any other traffic hitting them because there was none except the lorry.

    1. Hello Doug! I was just talking to a friend about my stay at a Hostel in Antibes in the mid 90’s, it was truly one of my favorite spots in France, you are very blessed to live there!

      As far as this being hoax or not, I am still on the fence. I know that when a large vehicle hits living things ( I grew up in rural Texas where hitting live animals was just a sad part of life), the initial injuries are internal, depending on the speed, size of the victim. I wouldn’t expect to see much blood initially until someone started removing the bodies. Since you are so close, have you been to the location yet? At this point, you WOULD expect to see some blood staining, more of a very dark brown than bright red. As for the truck, if the victims were hit head on or run over, their might be some blood, but not as much as you would expect.

      What concerns me most is the reaction of the characters that are in view. I could assume that most would be in utter shock, and there is no rule book as to how people act in shock, it usually takes a couple of hours for the adrenaline to run down and come to the realization of what happened. It’s a built in human mechanism.

      I fully believe that most of these incidences that are happening in the states are preplanned. However, some of the overseas situations, some may be hoaxes and others not.

      If you have a chance to get there, I really would love to hear your opinion of the scene as it stands now. Those details and clues can be vital to understanding what really went down, as the mass media is in no way to be trusted. Sending love and blessings your way!

  5. At 1.33 in the linked video here, Andy Shaw from UK, refers to soldiers already on the streets, stopping people going down a particular way as he and his wife were running back to their apartment (having said that he started videoing from 10-27) and yet others complain there was no security. Could the soldiers be part of the psyop?

  6. This guy, a so-called witness says he didn’t know if there was an active shooter situation – isn’t that a term a cop or military person would use – sounds like a crisis actor.

  7. Thank you. I have been told before i have a gift for seeing the truth. I drive my family up the wall by warning them when i think the news is lying, as it is most if not all of the time. Feel welcome to study me I don’t mind I like coming here .

    1. Jac, I get the same from my family so I now avoid talking about it with them.

  8. They really are pushing the George Orwell 1984 thing with a further news item about £84 000 being sent to the truck driver’s family (and 84 alleged dead)

  9. One thing I would ask is why not shoot out the tyres? why shoot at the windscreen, and not even at the driver side, and how did the police all get in front of a fast moving truck to shoot it from the front ? It dose not add up . By the way am still not a bad guy lol

    1. I’m giving you a chance. That punctuation is going to make me crazy, but I’m giving you a chance.

      1. Thank you 🙂 I will try not to do them

        1. lol Did you forget that Nathan hates the noseless smiley faces?

          1. I not very good at doing the right things when It comes to writing comments . Just think of me as the Autistic dyslexic crazy lady from Wales

          2. It’s weird then. I’ve seen your style of writing before from good guys and I’m beginning to think your “illnesses” are actually special powers. If I’m right about it, then your condition(s) make you immune to almost all of the bad programming and you may have the subconscious ability to counter-program with the way you naturally write.

            I’m going to keep you around and study you, if you don’t mind. And I like you now, although I reserve to right to withdraw that feeling at any time. Thanks for giving me something new to think about.

  10. Are you familiar with Lesta Nediam’s work? He examines events from the angle of “sufficient proof” rather than whether an event is or isn’t a hoax. Check out

    1. From your recent video you indicate that you’re averse to clicking on links suggested by your subscribers so please excuse my attempt to introduce you to the concept of “sufficient proof.” I don’t go along with everything LN says by any means and object to aspects of his style, but it seems to me he’s spot on concerning this. I’m not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater, which is why I don’t get involved in YT drama. I’m only interested in the truth.

      1. I still want the good guys to keep posting links to good stuff. I click on it once in a while if it smells tasty. But I should have also included a warning for everyone to click at their own risk, even on my website.

        The powers that be have helped me develop a general paranoia for anything presented to me on my computer screen, so forgive me if I came off as dismissive.

        1. It’s cool. I can’t blame you for being a little paranoid given your experience with GooTube.

  11. Awww…Nathan, you are just the nicest guy. I really do appreciate your objective investigative reporting. Thank you for your upbeat and rational point of view.
    My initial thoughts were exactly like WormWood’s. Just can’t happen.
    I think that we need to be making some serious demands for accountability from government. This caption appeared in the…..”The key suspect is said to have been parked up for nine hours before carrying out the attack and may have been stopped by police but claimed he was delivering ice cream. In fact the back of his lorry contained many weapons and grenades”. Why was this not raising suspicions given France’s knowledge of continuing threat. I’m sure no one would have been offended by a bomb sniffing dog on the scene. Hollande failed his country. What’s the point of a state of emergency if it doesn’t mean heightened security? He should be asked to step down immediately. Regarding Dallas, the Chief must be suspended or relieved of duty for such poor leadership resulting in the “deaths” of five of his troopers.
    I agree that what we are shown is carefully chosen for impact. The scene that got me was the good-looking twenty-somethings filing past the soldier decked out in full combat gear, with their hands in the air. Isn’t it something how they show up after the fact to make everyone safe?
    Just saying.

  12. Hello from London,

    thanks for your videos I love them all. Here is some more info on the “attack”.

    At 17.13 seconds of this video you see the motorcycle that was driving up to the lorry in the previous clip at 13.45. However there were no bodies being run over in that clip. you can prove it as he falls over next to the zebra crossing (more coding) exactly where the bike is when all the dummies have been placed….. This is conclusive evidence to me.

    Thanks and best wishes

  13. France is coming off badly in the “terrorism hits” league, perhaps because of the weakness of President Hollande which makes it more vulnerable to being targetted.
    I don’t believe this was a hoax and I do believe people died, including children, in what was a false flag, Gladio B operation. Plenty of witness statements about the carnage here:
    Similar to other false flags it turns out that the truck driver origially from Tunisia was in no way a devout muslim but a low-life, pork-eating criminal known to the police and referred to as a s**t by his cousin, who never attended the mosque. The press are already publishing shots of the inside of his apartment.

    President Hollande has renewed a national state of emergency which was just about to run out and heads of state are promising greater preventive intelligence co-operation. Problem-reaction-solution, pattern recognition.

    1. James Corbett is an expert on false flags and gives us here the takeaway lesson we must learn from them. He and his colleague, the FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, have written and broadcast much about the highly complex subject of NATO’s Gladio and Gladio B false flag operations. I recommend looking them up on what they have to say on the subject in their videos on “”.

    2. If you’re not disinfo, then you seem to be misinformed. They don’t kill anybody in these things, it would be way too messy.

      1. I am not disinfo. I am open-minded about exactly what happens in these false flags and I think it would be hard to falsify this piece of evidence of carnage. But by all means debunk it if you can.

        1. This is the same area as the previous video of the truck ploughing through the people and shows the aftermath. If these are dummies and crisis actors then they would have to have been waiting in an assembly area until the general public left the so that there were no witnesses to the staging. We know that the crowds were panicking and rapidly disappeared from the Promenade but what I would like evidence of such an assembly area, then I’ll be convinced it was staged.

  14. lol

  15. They always seem to have the ideal photo ops don’t they? Doll beside a child’s covered body, scattered shoes, posing person on their knees, people posing while looking at the camera, the list is endless. This is all way too predictable, it’s quite sickening.

  16. This is ridiculous. One has no need to watch & investigate video footage. Humans aren’t immobile bowling pins and they would have had to be stuck to the ground for a large number to have been struck. Ever tried to run over a plastic garbage can? Lets imagine the first 20, (4 rows of 5 people) all get struck by the vehicle. Just those 20 would have gotten all jumbled up under the vehicle, slowing it down long enough for the other 60 (?) or so to get out of the way. Hell, even if they all stayed put, the truck would have been immobilised by the sheer number of people – long before so many could have been injured – much less killed. It’s simply impossible. As for the loads of cell phone video, it’s shit and you all know this.

    At this point one has to wonder if these events are becoming more sloppy, transparent & ridiculous in order to provoke people. If not then we are officially brain dead slaves. Obviously violence and protests do not work – so what would? I think that is the only question to ask anymore.

    1. I can see where you are coming from WormWood, I am looking more deeply into the actual physicalities of the footage. If as you say, there was and initial hit of 20 people ( and the exact number may be impossible to determine), some would be thrown to the side, in the air, and then you would have a few that would remain under the truck, greatly reducing the velocity. It would still have enough force, depending on the speed, to hit more, but at this point, the chaos would have so many running in various directions. Also, the truck was very low to the ground, it would be more likely that it would have pushed and thrown people in a million different directions, and the ensuing chaos wouldn’t have saved any lives, it would have more likely caused more deaths and injuries due to the mass-trampling effect. I don’t disagree that this is complete hoax, but the entire situation is questionable due to the fact that there are so few trusted sources.

      I am in agreement that many of these events (ESPECIALLY those in the US) are complete setups in order to provoke chaos in general. Sadly, the majority of those who believe the fairy tales put forth by mainstream media are not only brain dead but brainwashed to a point that they could be in the middle of one of these setups and STILL believe the media narrative. The human mind can be very easily swayed by what the majority of the group agrees with, this has been scientifically proven over and over again.

      My personal beliefs as to the reason all of these things are happening are a little different from LV’s (I’m a charismatic total bible believer, follower of Jesus and I believe that his return will be the end result), but I have great admiration for his ability to put forth these topics in an unbiased manner, and his ability to recognize that there are evil forces that want to keep the majority of people in mental slavery. I feel that the majority of those who are a part of this group are also seeking the downfall of those who oppress, and the enlightening of those who are enslaved by what the media has fed into our brains. If the eyes of the world would open to the truth (either truth as I see it, as LtV sees it, as ANYONE sees it, so long as it is the truth), then we would have so much more hope for the generations that are coming ahead of us. I’m thankful we have a place to come and discuss these topics as mature adults and free from the internet bot-trolls.

      1. Yes, this is certainly manipulating the science of “groupthink”. From my experience it seems that it’s not that the majority necessarily believe the Official Story but that they are more afraid to question it due to what others may think or that those who benefit from this way of life could not cope with the reality of the truth. You have your life, good job, kids in braces & the mortgage – what happens when you realise that you & the generations before you have created a monstrous system that parasitically feeds off of you based on lies, conspiracy & collusion combined with indoctrination since birth?

        Now, this is touchy so I will try to be delicate. This is not an assault on your belief system, however I feel quite strongly that allowing the world to fall into disarray & destruction in the hopes of another Savior can be quite a dangerous thing. In the bible when Jesus saw the corruption of the Pharisees and Sadducees he did something about it. So, if one is supposed to live by the example of Christ, is not calling out corruption part of that example? There is nothing wrong with prophesy and the hope of its fulfillment but looking back throughout recorded history the world has gone through even more violent, hell-like periods than that which occurs now. We have lost count of the slaughter and enslavement since the estimated time of Christ and it seems that every generation has believed that things were so awful – surely “the end” was nigh. If God is everywhere at all times and we are the creation of it, then if we were to rise up and save ourselves surely that would be accredited to God. Would it not?

        1. No offence taken WormWood, this is exactly the reason I love this forum is that we can talk about these things openly without fear of offending. My personal belief in Jesus is not that of what most people see as mainstream Christianity, I don’t even like using the label “Christian” at times as the way it is currently represented is almost embarrassing, I prefer to call myself a “follower” or “servant” of Christ (Yashua in its original Hebrew). Although I was raised in secular Christiandom (Methodist), I began to see the flaws of religious systems at a fairly young age, with so many wearing the label but not practicing what they supposedly believed. I spent the majority of my teens and 20’s rebelling against it altogether (there is a picture of me around twenty doing a poll dance in front of The First Baptist Church of Henderson, Tx, and yes, I was pretty high at the time). However, I’ve had some supernatural encounters that truly turned me on a different path. Even once I came to a the belief in Jesus, finding a place of worship was full of traps. Although I have strong spiritual senses for situations, I tend to put my blinders on with people and always give them the benefit of the doubt (which in a sense is a Christ-like characteristic), and we even ended up in a very cult-like “non-denominational” group, where although the teachings were good and the atmosphere was friendly, any deviance from the leadership and their man-made rules was considered terms for excommunication, which we eventually were excommunicated. Even so, it was all a part of God’s plan for us to learn more of who he really is.

          To really understand why Jesus did certain things, why there was so much destruction and violence in the bible in general, is something that modern Christianity is afraid to address. Modern churches are set up like businesses in order to maintain tax-free status, many of the leaders fall into “leader worship”, meaning you must follow the teachings of the leader, and the leader must say things that attract people to their churches, and ignore some of the supernatural aspects of the Bible that might make their congregants uncomfortable. As for my ministry, I do that. I have been blessed to have the income and means to preach the truth without fear that my congregation will leave. I DO speak out against the corruption without fear as I know I am hearing the voice of the Lord (and yes it is a voice, and yes many would consider that a mental illness), but I am confidant enough in my experiences that I don’t really fear being judged by anyone other than my master. (Insert smiley face here, Love you LtV!)

          As far as the part we play in these times, we do have a very important part in what is to come. Many have a misconception about God and who he is and isn’t. The destruction, corruptions, death, every bit of evil that has happened since existence of the earth began before time as we know it. God had created many things, places, creatures before earth. Even though he loved them and cared for them, they were basically slaves or pets to him. He created humanity as he wanted friendship, a co-creator, someone who would give their opinion even if it were different from his own. However, in order to do that, he also had to give free will. This meant that humans could screw up big time and throw the whole concept he created into madness, and he did develop a plan to fix that when it happened. He had already experienced one rebellion, his highest, most trusted, most beautiful, most intelligent creation. Lucifer developed pride, felt that he could do things better than God, and it led to a rebellion where 1/3rd of everything created, all angelic creatures and domains, were cast out.

          The hardest thing that humans have with understanding God is time. It was something that was created fro humanity to grow and develop, but it also had flaws. Even though God is perfect, some of his creations were not….but the advancement of time would give them a chance to learn and change. Things were quite perfect on the earth until the Eve/Lucifer encounter (which most bible scholars believe the fairy tale of the apple, it was much more adult than that). Although God set these things in motion, he must have know that as humans were imperfect and he had an enemy lurking to kill and destroy all that was good and pure, he had an alternative plan, but that plan would take time to develop.

          I’m sorry if I turned this into a really wild Sunday school lesson, but I just wanted to put it out there that there IS a false Christianity on this earth, and many of you know them well. Yet there are still a few who are seeking the truth, still open minded to learning, yet are filled with a tiny part of the sprit of our creator, which gives us a line of communication. It makes none of us any better or any worse, it simply gives us a different understanding to things like death, hatred, pure love, etc… and we believe that every person has the ability to become a part of that spirit which unites us. (Insert heart emoji).

          So yes, I do believe that we will rise up and save ourselves, but who is the leader? I believe and know that it is Jesus Christ, the earthy embodiment of God. I can’t guess the moment it will happen, but I can justify that certain prophecies given by prophets of the past could not come to pass until certain time periods, and we have past a few of those predicted timestamps. However, I do know for certain that I won’t be in this body forever, and we all may very well need to experience death as a part of this journey. I also know for certain where my spirit will be when it gets out of this body (Praise Jesus cause this one has given me too many problems). I will be in the presence of my creator, and with him when the time of earth is fulfilled, evil and death is eradicated, and THAT is the beginning of REAL eternal life, which is ay more amazing and adventurous than your typical angels-with-harps sitting-on-clouds forever-and-ever fairy tale. Those “fairy tales” were and ingenious creation of Lucifer.

  17. Promenade des Anglais or Promenade of the English translated, must have some esoteric meaning to those higher up the pyramid I suspect.

    Keep up the good work LV………….

  18. Can someone provide a plausible explanation for how this event in particular could have possibly been faked? I concede that it looks fake, but either the street is a public street open to actual real life people or it’s not, right? If it were closed off to the public at that particular time, some people would be giving testimony about that, but they are not. So I think we can conclude that the street was indeed open to the public. However, it were open to the public at that time, then wouldn’t at least some of these people would have been in the actual path of the truck? Let’s say that they got out of the way: At least some outsiders would have been in a position to observe dummies or “dead” bodies being placed on the scene, no?

    I can imagine how almost every other hoax could have been carried out without outside witnesses realizing/understanding what happened. Not this one. Help me out, please.

    1. Karin, probably a mix of crisis actors running and think – what would you do if you saw a load of people running towards you in one direction – you would run too, to get away from what these actors seem to be afraid of. Doubt anyone was actually killed – you can get special dummies and people to pass as injured and dead. They have to sign a form of non-disclosure and get paid well for their silence.
      Another possible crisis coming end July in Vermont – ad for crisis actors here

    2. The crucial part of the puzzle that took me a long time to understand is the complicity of the media. They just don’t interview anybody that doesn’t go along with the official story. Everything you see on mainstream outlets is pure propaganda.

      1. Thanks for your responses. Unfortunately, they’re not sufficiently explanatory, because if even one or two random witnesses (out of hundreds, if not thousands) posted their damning testimony/visual proof on social media, it could destroy the story. It’s not plausible that the perps could (or would) drop dozens of dummies off in the middle of the streets without a single witness seeing. I am currently of the opinion that the “event” really happened, but that much of the actual footage (like the footage that LTV analyzed) is indeed staged. At another time, perhaps in a studio. A mixture of death and destruction and “hoax” like 9/11.

        1. I’m here to tell you that a witness could go out on social media and try to tell the whole world and 1) hardly anybody would see it & 2) were the press to address it in any way, it would be to discredit the witness on a scale you would rarely see.

          Videos only go viral if they are allowed to go viral and I know how it works first-hand. I think many here would agree that I have consistently the best material on YouTube on the subjects I cover, but look at my views. Before they caught onto my account (after about 5 weeks of videos) I had videos legitimately going viral, at least one cruising towards 100k views. Overnight my views went down 97% and never really recovered. I figured out how to break the system with videos like this one, but they still get pinched after a day or two. The point of that is that there are eyes looking for anti-establishment videos all over the Internet and they have tools to keep them from being seen. A witness telling a gripping story could just end up another video in a dark corner of the web.

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  20. 84 bodies plus the injured down a mile and a half or so of road – there would be bodies everywhere but on the small film shown of bodies they are spaced apart, hardly coming to a dozen.

  21. People need to use their logic – if people are being run over and draggd under the wheels of a truck that size, there would be blood track and drag marks every where. I don’t see any.

    1. You make some great points.

  22. Just to show how realistic fake body parts can be, check out this site – have linked to home page – make your own way from there from Human to body parts section. For those of nervous disposition don’t go here at all!

  23. Happened on 14 July – there’s your 7 + 7 + 7

    1. Don’t think I let that one slip by me 😉

  24. Body count now 84 – George Owell 1984 comes to mind.

  25. Most news here is ‘words’ again. Not much footage to back those words up. No facts ? Then it didn’t happen as far as I’m concerned and there’s no need to get emotional.

    1. ‘here’ is Holland.

  26. These sorts of events are happening so thick and fast now, it makes it near impossible to diligently appraise their veracity, forcing average sheople to simply accept the media narrative.

    1. Plenty of independent telephone video available unlike many events. Even video of the lorry speeding up and smashing into the crowd. A policeman is seen jumping off his motorcycle and trying to get into the cab. Also plenty of blood that our ‘host’ seems to crave. I live in Antibes next to Nice.

      1. They do pretty good production and it’s a hard thing to believe can be faked if you aren’t already aware of the history of these things. But it’s a pretty simple logic game in the end. How does a truck kill 84 people and wound 202 in any version of this Universe? A truck without a drop of blood on it?

        1. Indeed no footage seen yet that really back up the words that are spoken.

          By the way , in news here they try to put the attack on IS. But no back up for that either. It’s all stuff like ‘we think that …’, ‘it seems that …’ , etc.

          Saw video with man that was supposedly neighbour of the man and he seemed to deny that the man radicalised. Seemed more a man that was alone and had some relation problems.

  27. “It’s nice there.” Groan 🙂

    1. You got it! You’re the best. Number 1 fan today, in my heart.

  28. You say you want blood. So here is your blood that you desire.

  29. Interested to see what comes of this, further analysis and so forth.

    Some other footage:

  30. Hey ltv, pls enable comments on ur videos. Your work is great & it would be very nice & a lot easier if we could just leave comments on the video while we are watching them. I know it is ur channel & u r free to do whatever u like but just thought I’d leave a lil feedback. Keep up the good work brother, peace.

  31. Eric Drattell seems to be official witness.
    It is worth checking out his job.

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