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Terrorist Skyjackings: A CIA Report

2 thoughts on “Terrorist Skyjackings: A CIA Report

  1. Former veteran flight attendant and current well-publicized “truther” Rebekah Roth, within her recent YouTube installment entitled “Rebekah Roth on 911 and Egypt Air 804” utters the telling phrase “lift the veil of truth.” Maybe she’s been auditing your stuff, Nathan.

    You might want to get her on the horn, do an interview with her on Flight 804. She seems to be taking rather a cautious stance on 804, at the moment, but she would probably have something to say on the “History of Skyjackings” subject, as well as the TSA manipulations, she has expertise in the areas. “They are overwhelming the system,” and consciously, with their TSA drills, she states during her video, certainly a logical proposition and in accord with your thesis on the subject of “restricting and monitoring our travel.”

    I heard that they have heard the signals from the 804 “black boxes” recently, but have yet to retrieve the boxes themselves. We shall see what we shall see, as my mother would say.

    1. Please take a look at my latest video on flight 804 (should be near the top of the feed), because I’m pretty sure I blew the whole thing wide open. The video is getting suppressed HARD and I think it’s pretty well researched. If you like it, share it, because nobody is going to see it otherwise.
      Lots more coming. Stick together. Cheers.

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