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The Darkside Of Open Ict4d – Open ICT for Development

Source: The Darkside Of Open Ict4d – Open ICT for Development

One thought on “The Darkside Of Open Ict4d – Open ICT for Development

  1. I found some more proof that nobody would likely have. I found this article on Orlando alleged victim family member named David Sotomayor! You have to read this article by to see how stupid it is, but this guy claims he met Edward Sotomayer at a gay club and they figured out they were cousins! Yeah, right! I have ocean front property in Arizona too!

    Anyways they show a picture of the “victim” (little Eddie), and so the article goes on to talk ALL ABOUT DAVID AND WHAT DAVID DOES ON THE GAY SCENE because David is Gay too! What’s the odds!?!?! Anyways, I knew that it was all Bullshit, and I went to look up David’s career as a Drag Queen, and entertainment industry photos that I knew would be on the WWW. So, I compared David’s pictures to Edwards, and it’s the SAME FREAKING GUY!!!!!

    No wonder the article was centered around David’s successes, and very little to do with his alleged cousin’s! It’s one in the same!

    Here is the Article to read first, and image of Eddie:

    Then here are some sites to see on David and his entertainment (acting) history, and you will see it’s like Sandy Hook kids! Same kid, different time period.

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