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Jay Stephens wrote an article featuring a quote from Lift the Veil for LtV wanted to investigate further. We’ll find out if she’s a spy and if LtV would be able to get a date with her. Follow her: @jayXstephens

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  1. So THAT’S WHY I can’t comment on YouTube directly. Very interesting.

    You talk quite a bit about your feed being supressed. It wouldn’t suprise me at all that this is the case–not one bit.

    Can you elaborate on your contact with spooks? You very briefly mention it towards the beginning in regards to the San Bernidino video you did. I ask because my daughter caught me with one of those prodding, profound questions that only a particularly woke youngster can ask.

    “Are you a zombie papa? Are you in a disguise? How would I know–how would you know?” How would I know really? I mean, in the Matrix, the agents are capable of riding basically any one right? I would like to think I’m awake but am I awake [b]enough [/b]? I’ve started doing work where I am actually creating things. I think this is a big part of it rather than just working to maintain a hopelessly flawed system I recognize as such… anyways, I’m bragging to lose the trees for the forest I think.

    As far as how I came across your YouTube channel. There’s another content producer I watch called Secure Team 10. Another conspiracy type conscious uploader who backs their stuff up with more than just conjecture. I know you say you don’t watch anybody, but it may be worth checking out.

    Anyways, thanks for print or great content!


    I knew from that first ‘what it is’ that you had some sort of connection to Oakland. People still say that there.

  2. Still doing a great job Nathan the Great! I was actually called mentally-ill by a girl from the cult-church we got kicked out of, and I was like “Praise Jesus! That’s why I got out!!”

    Another Mandela moment: Tonight we were watching the ORIGINAL Poltergeist from ’82. I’ve probably watched the move a half a dozen times in my life, and I tend to remember the weirdest details ( even though I can’t find my car keys in my hand)…..there was something about the movie, the scene sequence seemed different and off, like scenes that I had no recollection of, and the flow seemed odd…then at about an hour in the movie, my 10yo screams MANDELA EFFECT and stops the movie…there is a scene where the research guy goes into the kitchen, takes an unwrapped steak out of the fridge and puts it on the counter while he has a chicken in his mouth ( one of the scenes I didn’t remember at all but it was so creepy I should have). SO the steak starts crawling on the counter (did I mentioned it was unwrapped just laying in the fridge, who DOES that?), maggots start creepin out, he spits the chicken bone, maggots starts coming out of the chicken….he runs to the sink to wash his mouth out, lifts up his arm, and in the mirror he is wearing a watch that looked JUST LIKE AN APPLE WATCH!!! I would love to have input from anyone else who has watched it lately.

    Also, I have been vaping THREE WEEKS!!!! I have had a cig here and there, but I followed your advice about upping the nicotine and by-golly you were RIGHT! Praise Jesus for bringing SMART people in my life 🙂

    Oh, hold on…I think she’s hot too!! Don’t discriminate just cause I have ovaries! (However, they will be donated to science by Oct, yeah!!!!!!!!))

    Luv you bunches bro! Really hoping to get a chance to meet in Sept!

    You so have the hots for her, I think you would make and awesome couple AND team…just sayin’…
    (insert winky wink)…Jay, if you are reading this, Nathan’s a really awesome guy with a huge heart, you should give him at least one date (insert heart) (smileyyyyyyyy!) You’d make such gorgeous kids…OK, I’ll shut up and mind my own business now!

  3. As a cat who enjoys watching the humans do human things, I highly enjoyed this interview. My human male is a Swat graduate too. I cannot tell you more than that, however.

    It seemed sometimes that you human male Nathan were flirting with her. I found it to be pleasurable to watch because humans need more love in any form.

    It is good to give her a chance. If nobody had given me a chance, I would still be eating out of dumpsters.

    I am left wondering if Doshi had any thoughts to share. I like him. He is awesome.

    1. How intriguing!

      I wonder if you remember when you started to identify your self as such?
      Ever since the inception of your memories?

  4. Ok… so this reporter from Vice, someone who is getting paid to disseminate information to the masses, uses extremely specific language like ‘anti-psychotic’ to describe using anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication because it ‘sounds fun’. I’d like to consider what it is she says through her pieces, however confusing language for hyperbolic effect is far from professional or credible. Total fail.

    1. We like her at Lift the Veil. She’s only 24 so we’ve been willing to cut her a little slack. We think she has a lot of things going for her, so you’ll be seeing her again.

      1. This is good news. As a cat, I pride myself on a lot of things. One of those things is judging character. And she has good character. Proceed on, human male Nathan, with this cat’s approval.


  5. Thank you for a very insightful, real interview. I was just sitting here wondering whether to go back into “the system” for financial/security reasons and listening to your conversation reminded me why I left. I forget every time I do, I have left 3 times now and returned. I too find that every time I am near the matrix system I get sick. And your descriptions are me to a tee. I have never understood why people don’t see through it all. I will stay with my independent work and trust it will work out. Thank you again – you both reminded me that we are not alone in this and our experiences are evidence of the complete madness that the system creates. Peace.

  6. Hmmm, liked your Brussells videos and some others (esp. your deadpan style), but if you really believe this flat earth and mandela effect nonsense, you’ve either let yourself be led down dead-end roads (intentional misinfo), or you’re promoting misinfo and have no credibility if that’s the case. Shame, either way.

  7. I know the bible verse’s that changed wigged me out … and some changes in pop culture … if they are using CERN to punch holes in the veil and change things in the matrix so to speak ( cuz I don’t buy the parallel universe theory ) and if they can change anything in this fallen world ( the matrix ) than that means the only true word of God , like Paul said , is now … only written on our hearts

  8. Subscribed after you did FEOHP back when you add 2000 subs. Was really hoping you would touch on the subject. It’s the first time I hear you say you are into flat earth stuff. I would love to hear your point of view on the subject.

  9. Hello sir. I enjoy your videos. This interview was so bizarre/interesting. Your interviewing skills are amazing and yet nonexistent. You don’t have mental illness, you are just totally insane ,just like every person in the human race. (Although some can put on a good act portraying themselves as totally sane). I love how you were a Masarati sales manager AND a Rocket scientist. Have a nice day.

  10. “It’s hard, I do stuff, you know that uhhm I know is gonna get, is uhh gonna get people talking about me.”

    “Those videos I did about Robin, I didn’t want to do either.”

    Care to elaborate more on that LTV? Particularly in relation to my comment on that video….

        1. I actually made the first video about him because I was concerned for him. I thought maybe he was being replaced. And it is weird that, as far as I know, he hasn’t shown his face on camera since I made that video. I would have kept talking about him if I cared, but now everybody can see for themselves what’s going on. I don’t think it did much for either channel as far as views go.

  11. You can tell when she’s being deceiving and when she’s being truthful. Seems to not mastered the tell. She looks up and to the right to many times for me, but there was quite a bit of truth spread around bc she does look up and to the left sporadically.

  12. I found your videos when I was searching for information on infra Gard and your headline grabbed me. Jay’s right about your videos being different, much more intelligent than the common conspiracy theory videos. Maybe they are scared people will listen to you. Look up shadow banning. Reddit does it big time but you tube does it too. You know that the Soviets used to label people who did not go along with the program as schizophrenic and locked them up and medicated them. I think it takes a particular kind of mental illness to be able to do that to someone but that kind of mental illness is not curable.

  13. What a fun interview! The jury is still out on whether she’s a spy or not, but I fully expect LTV to keep us posted on the truth, so you will let us know and keep on keeping it real. My number is 201, btw. 🙂

    I know you are anxious to get your messages out and get the hits on your videos, but I believe everything happens exactly the way it’s supposed to. Remember to stay in the flow and work “with” the universe, as there are many powers at work here, including yourself. Also, people will find you when the time is right for them, as not everybody is ready to receive your messages. There’s still a lot of reprogramming to be done on the masses, so I think it takes a certain level of growth before people can really hear you.

    Also, I have to be honest…. I cringe when you call yourself and your listeners “mentally ill”, even though I know it’s in jest. It seems to me that the mentally ill are those who are still trapped in the matrix and brainwashed by the media, big pharma, big ag, etc. People like us, who are waking up and breaking the chains, are coming into our RIGHT minds. I mean, I get the joke and I think you are attempting to sort of minimize the label, but it really doesn’t capture who you are and what you are about. JMHO. Stay safe, ♥️ To Doshi.

  14. I enjoyed your interview with Jay Stephens. I found her fascinating. Btw, I am originally from and grew up in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Back then the “r” in Swarthmore was not a silent “r”. But, whatever floats your boat.

  15. What a vibrant & intriguing young woman!
    I would worry a little about her level of attractiveness, because (in my experience) beauty can be a tool for evil. But her beauty seems wholesome & natural, as if it were unimportant to her. Plus she maintains eye contact pretty well, and her voice is pleasant and unpracticed.

    Kinda broke my heart when she called herself a “diversity hire” because that demoralizing suspicion is one toxic side-effect of social manipulation. But I like her pragmatic & cheerful cynicism about it all.
    Wouldn’t give her the keys, but I wouldn’t lose her, either

  16. I need to see the paper that says “Do you date white guys?” please. I need proof that this question was pre-planned.

    1. I have my original time-stamped interview notes which I could share, but I don’t want to reveal too much about my process…

      1. About the gradual, tactically laid out build-up to revealing her for the spy you suspected her to be, you mean. 😀
        Saw you got a bit soft for her there past halfway the interview. You were not alone.

        Deepest appreciation to you, my brother.

        Endearing human being you are.

      2. I think you might be interested in these two OPEDNEWS pieces:–di-by-Joseph-Zernik-100118-435.html

        Interesting interview…my opinion? You seem to have not developed much of a thick skin relative to dealing with the public. I’m just a poster and commenter on the net and have been doing it since the daze of MSNBC having a boatload of comments categories in the mid 90’s. The professional and bot trolling was nothing like what has evolved over the past ten years of paranoid government activities and attempts to somehow impinge, influence and even control citizen views. As one who tries to be as factual and fair minded as possible, I’ve had to field a palette of arguments, straw men, outright attempts to antagonize, red herring and ad hominem attacks, threats et al. My personal take, screw ’em because the obvious shills, bots and ill intended patterns become obvious and the ‘pearls among the swine’ are painfully few and far between, as is natural to society, but worth the wading/waiting. I ran across a Zika video of yours, somehow, and liked your dry level headed style backed by the kind of links and background which can’t be faked or be just opinion. Keep on keepin’ on as your skeptical views on our present social and scientific predicaments are much needed. Btw, I was in a tech start-up, which at one point, for about a year, looked extremely real so I indulged flights of purchasing fancy…Quatroporto became my wheels theme song and remains one of those temptations that will never manifest…I retired due to a nuclear divorce at a late age and some serious disillusions about the integrity of humanity…one of those multi-beer tales if I may.

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