The Truth about the Mandela Effect | Sex in/and the City

Mandela Effect philosophy and an examination of the change to Sex in/and the City. And then some messing with your head.

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  1. I think that it was always “Sex And The City”, and because it sounds similarly to “In” that the two words are like merged in our thinking. Like “Sex ‘n The City”… People are lazy in pronunciation and the word “and” got chopped to a more easily said, “in”, or just “‘n”.

  2. Of the many examples of this supposed Mandela effect, this is one of the more subjective. In all my searches regarding this effect, I can’t find one that is not some form of publishing or media. Sure there are people wiling to make up great stories that their kids disappeared, wife changed, whole city blocks unmade overnight and if those tales were true it would be happening on a much wider scale in indeed all of reality was changing.

    Knowledge about this material existence which has been forcibly taken, hidden and used in secret. The few who do have understanding of these ancient practices really enjoy waving it in face of the public – hidden “in plain sight” as they say. Is it ego driving this compulsion to slightly reveal the works of these secret practices or is it necessary due to shared consciousness? Is it is possible to know? (I’m certain that it is.)

    As for God and the Devil, this is a relatively new concept; good versus evil. It seems the ancient Pagan Pantheons were full of beings who possessed qualities both wicked and righteous. The concept of a “Trickster god” is a common archetype across great spans of people, location and time. This dueling duo appeared much later, even the word ‘Satan’ means The Accuser. Looking at it from the newer monotheistic perspective one could be forgiven for thinking that their judgmental, wrathful, scornful – even genocidal – God could be accurately described as accusatory.

    As for Salvation, what does this mean to you? It seems almost irrelevant to care about salvation, or almost anything really, if life is a Video Game.

    1. You should write for my website. In the video game, saving the princess = finding salvation. Reaching enlightenment.

      1. Writing just so happens to be a passion although, being two different people, our ideals may not line up (I believe they do, its perception where life runs amok). Regarding enlightenment, it is a process – akin to a memory of something more, something missing. Eventually, the only way to truly investigate is to smash the ego, destroy all beliefs and leave the body. Similar to a game, there seem to be rules and restrictions.

        Based on your response, we definitely have very different beliefs. I once thought similarly and it left me feeling that life was quite pointless & cruel. It is rather cruel, realising that we spend our lives learning useless facts, sifting through dogma & forming an identity only to realise that one has walked backwards through life. In Western society, we have all the wrong tools, “learn” utterly irrelevant and contradictory facts, habits & beliefs all to our detriment – once that is realised, it is a hard pill to swallow.

        The Dalai Lama has said “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Of course he is correct, far more would change as well. The reason it is necessary to be a child or childlike is they are the only ones left who can admit they know absolutely nothing, which is the price of admittance.

  3. I never watched it and I was not fan so I don’t know. But I can see how it may be a experiment on us by the elite to see if they can control how we think. It’s a bit like Band names , How many we thought had the word The in front of them when didn’t . I have just seen the Dallas shootings and I think its staged. Red flag being a car in the basement car park , I also think the video of the black man being shot in his car was staged, would love your thoughts on this x

    1. If anybody was wondering how to pick out the bad guys, this one is a perfect example. Occult icon, bad punctuation (space between word and comma), signs with an x. Email address ends with a “33” (you can’t see that part).

      Now you know. Watch out for these things, they’re everywhere and they try to blend in.

      1. Yes. The space in between comma too. I have been watching for the AI bot/weirdo faker commenters on YouTube and elsewhere and seeing it/them everywhere. They also like to speak bad English. I am pretty sure they construct sentences purposefully to sound like bad English; hard to explain…it is a very subtle thing and very hard to explain. But that is good to point them out when they occur it is practically the only way to explain this strange phenomenon. Oh yeah, they are also on Facebook – with entire fake profiles you talk to them and they say nonsense in response. It is like talking to a crazy person or a machine – you say something, they post a comment that is not pertinent and when you call them out on it, they will not address what you say to them in response but will respond… very very strange.

      2. Oh that is slightly annoying that you can’t post a comment while the video is playing. Otherwise I am feeling the LtV website comment section. Have to remember not to post comment while playing. Well, one can just post comments in another window instead…

      3. hay, that’s not fair. My photo is from the band MUSE. who sing about all the lies the elite spread and about the NWO and I am a big fan of MUSE. I am not a bad guy. I am a girl and i have autism and dyslexia. I am from the UK, Wales in fact where it is common to sign with a x. It’s like a friendly kiss . 33 well that was my age when i set up that email. I am not one of the nasty elite . I spend all my time trying to uncover there lies and prove it to others. I think its mean to say i am a bad guy . Ok so i can’t spell that well. but I can’t help that . You judge to quick .

        1. Ok, I’m thinking about it. It is really weird though because you write just like the bad guys. The spelling doesn’t bother me, but I don’t know if I can put up with the punctuation and actually believe you. Can you get rid of the spaces between words and punctuation marks?

  4. Mandela seems to be the new Flat Earth. Maybe its just me, but I’ve seen an increase in this topic that is very similar to the increase we saw a couple years ago with Flat Earth. Same avenues. Its an interesting topic but its a distraction. More rabbit holes to fill our time. Be careful. I’ve always known it to be Sex AND the city. But when it came out, people instantly got the name wrong. “And” and “in” sound the same when speaking fast. It was printed wrong from the very beginning in many places because of this. I thought this would be pretty obvious but maybe not. Peace.

  5. Another recent one I found is : dezi arnez, as in the Lucille ball now his/her last name is spelled arnaz. I looked up a bunch of old news clippings with the correct spelling as I and many others remember it.excellent video as always.

    1. It’s always been “Sex And The City”, and why it changed to “IN” is because people’s lazy pronunciation.
      When said fairly quickly one says, “Sex ‘n The City” And and In phonetically roll off as ‘n. Then it just sticks in our minds that way.

      1. It certainly is exactly as you stated in your universe, but for most people watching the video the past is not like that. The programming just worked better on you, but that doesn’t mean your reality is any less valid.

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