The Zika Conspiracy | It’s already too late

The Zika virus and the genetically engineered mosquitos designed to combat it may have combined to bring about the Biblical end to humanity.

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  1. They are having meetings about ‘Gene Drives’ here in Hawai’i NOW! No need to insert virus, etc. — just go in and manipulate genes!
    We are ground zero for GMO experimentation ~ 80 tons of pesticides used!!!!
    I think the pesticide connection to birth defects is viable!!!!
    Aloha 🌺

  2. I actually live in Wynwood, in the area said to be affected. To be honest I am very nervous at the actions the government is taking. They are actually spraying incesticide called Naled that is very toxic to humans and the environment. ( This also causes birth defects, cancer, leukemia and much more dis-eases in the human body. I have a child, how are they allowed to release more of these toxic chemicals into our communities?

  3. oooh … the old 12 monkey clips gave this pod cast some ominous vibes
    wow I’m getting old I remember when that movie came out
    spooky thought

  4. Seems The Second Commandment of the NWO. “Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity.” The Georgia Guide Stones. A very sinister way of guiding reproduction one could say.

  5. Nathan, your comment regarding notification suppression may be correct. I recall receiving notification once or twice. But how many fellow LtV’ers would depend on a notification? You are bookmarked on my favorites list, which allows LtV easily accessed. Thank you for an intellectual experience each and every time, as well as all the thoughtful fellow LtV commenters.

  6. It seems that our ‘masters’ want to reduce the population significantly. Even the Queen’s husband has stated he would like to be reincarnated as a deadly disease to wipe out most of humanity (not the Royal family, of course).
    Maybe this time they have hit on their perfect solution. Very few newborns and those that survive will be very low intelligent human robots. A certain significant number of intelligent workers will be required to service their ‘masters’ and would be kept alive with ‘tetracycline’ or something like it. This life-saver would of course be withdrawn if the individual showed signs of disruption.

    PS. Many people complain about globalisation and it’s inevitable One World System. If each person was to stop feeding the machine by buying their products then they would beginning to lose their hold. Any company that has it’s HQ in one country…. it’s finances in another… and it’s cheap labour force in third should be boycotted. The irony is I’m typing this on an Apple computer but you know what I mean.

  7. I like how your mind works. You’re good at putting all the pieces together. I think you’re onto something with this. Keep up the good work, Nathan.

    1. Not that I’ve found and I’m quite curious. The thing is that it most likely wouldn’t affect livestock since they are likely nearly all getting a sufficient dosage of tetracycline for the abnormality to be neutralized. That means that people would have to be monitoring wild animal populations. They wouldn’t likely stumble across deformed animals (I think they would die quickly) but over time you would notice a decline in the population. Maybe it’s not these mosquitos though, who knows. Someone else in my comments is saying it’s the result of a vaccine. We’ll see.

    2. I wondered that as well. Oxitec said it won’t effect local wildlife because they can eat the mosquitoes without any harm. I don’t see how it can not effect them but I doubt there is research on that.

  8. Thought you’d like to know where Zika comes from. Seems Rockefeller Foundation workers took a monkey from their lab & put him in a cage into a tree cuz they were researching yellow fever. After he was pretty well bitten up they took him back to the lab, but whaddaya know, he wasn’t carrying yellow fever. Zika, a heretofore unknown virus. Maybe to the mosquitos, too. (1947) I guess that’s the reason Rockefeller has the patent; they discovered it.

    Distribution of microcephaly as of 12/29/15 report
    The state with the highest number of suspected cases is registered Pernambuco, with 1,153, the first place to identify drastic increase of the anomaly. Next are the states of Paraiba (476), Bahia (271), Rio Grande do Norte (154), Sergipe (146), Ceará (134), Alagoas (129), Maranhão (94) and Piauí (51).
    States began weekly microcephaly notify suspected cases to the Ministry of Health from November 11, when the the folder declared an emergency in public health because of the increase in cases of the malformation. At the time, Pernambuco had already identified 141 cases of the disease.

    “The Rockefeller Plan excerpted from Seeds of Destruction”. This search term will bring up Wm Engdahl’s documented material of previous involuntary sterilization of Black people in Brazil. Brazil’s Black population is second to only that of Nigeria.

  9. I agree about the Olympics and it being spread across the world. Which means it was likely planned out long in advance. I hope the future isn’t that bleak for the mothers and babies.😖

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