The Zika Conspiracy | The Vaccine Hypothesis

This examines the origins of the Zika virus, which is connected to the Rockefellers, as well as the proposal that a mandatory Tdap vaccine in Brazil may be the cause of reported birth defects.

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  1. I think one of the biggest smoking guns here is that report on the island of Yap in the pacific- 75% of the islanders were afflicted with Zika in 2007, and yet there are no reports of microcephaly there. Micronesia is just as much a third world country, if not more so, than Brazil, but it is too isolated, small and insignificant to be hit with all the fertilizing and vaccine experiments. So it seems to me if microcephaly were present on Yap, there would be nothing else to blame it on BUT Zika.
    Stay safe, ♥️ To Doshi.

  2. Map shown at 11:28 is quite curious. Within the red shaded zone is as small slice of yellow, this tiny state is Pernambuco noted as being the hardest hit by microcephaly among other increases in birth defects and is also among the states experiencing a population boom.

    It seems this was made purposely confusing so as to limit effective studies in causality. GMO mosquitoes, altered viral outbreaks, larvacide in drinking water reservoirs along with multiple “charitable” groups providing various vaccines to an undereducated rural population well prior to the mandate. There is now suspicion that the increased microcephaly goes back beyond even 2012, with some studies going as far back as 2010. Depending on the results of these newer studies, zika, GMO mosquitoes and the vaccine mandate could all be tossed. This would then leave MMR, Tdap and other vaccine programmes all untested on pregnant humans (not mandated at the time, Rubella being well linked with microcephaly as noted) and of course the issue of increased pregnancies in rural areas where adequate nutrition could well factor in increased birth defects, stillbirths & miscarriages.

    Interesting as well is the profound silence on the MenC outbreaks at Brazil’s many refineries – not located in these areas but the workers travel from these rural areas in search of work – that began around 2010.

    If some nefarious plot is underway WHO could think of a better environment to conduct such testing than a poor, rural state with as many Red Herrings as you please. Additionally, the concept that any immunity to viral infection introduced during latter states of pregnancy would be passed along to the newborn (who has no immunities save colostrum) is scientifically unfounded.

    Personally it seems this is making chemical companies quite a bit of money. Fear and manipulation abound & is spreading. The true culprit(s) will never be found, certainly not publicised. Generally, in doing research I avoid Wikipedia at all costs as it is far more tightly controlled & less communal than tauted.

    1. tDAP vaccine used in every pregnant woman from May 2015, it got mandated earlier, but they had to produce it first, this they did in Pernumbuco in the Bhutan (?) institute. It was ready and used on every pregnant woman from May 2015, FROM 20 weeks gestation. The microcephalic babies were born from exactly 20 weeks later in OCT 2015. Perfect correlation 100%. What this man hasnt mentioned is that USA began jabbing pregnant women BEFORE brazil, but not mandated. USA now has 1 in 50 children born microcephalic, YEAH, higher than Brazil, and that began around 2013, way before any zika in USA> all the relevant references are on my open and honest timeline, and my email address. I been reseaching the failed DTAP vaccine for 6 years now.

  3. Just a very strange confluence of circumstances. Any time you have GMO’s, Monsanto and mandated vaccine programs together in a poor rural community bad things are bound to happen.
    There is also another virus that is prevalent in Latin America and that is cytomegalovirus aka CMV. It is responsible for more birth defects than any other virus and can include microcephaly. It is prevalent in the population and easily transmitted.
    It is also used in bioengineering because it is a potent gene transcription modulator. I found one study that suggested that in the presence of formaldehyde, which can be found in vaccines, these activators will exhibit wild, or mutant, cross-binding to DNA sequences. I believe it may be possible that the tainted vaccine created a pathway for the CMV virus to do it’s worst.
    In all fairness, I have also read that the VP16 virus, that was part to the GMO mosquito protein, is used in treating CMV in extreme cases. Both are herpes simplex viruses but probably do not interact in any nefarious way. But I’m still not letting Bill Gates off the hook. He owns a significant share of Monsanto, funded the study to introduce the vaccination program in Brazil and was benefactor of large grants to Oxitec.
    BTW- “skeeters” is a perfectly fine word in Texas.
    Thanks Nathan, for the opportunity to comment. Women’s health is important and I worry that many pregnant women will not seek medical attention to avoid the mandated vaccine.

  4. ‘the most outlandish conspiracy theory is that it’s zika’ —- so true!

    I mean just look at the CDC media statement issued in April. It begins:

    “Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have concluded, after careful review of existing evidence, that Zika virus is a cause of microcephaly”

    …and yet just 2 paragraphs later in the same report:

    “no single piece of evidence provides conclusive proof that Zika virus infection is a cause of microcephaly”

    erm…..what? the phrase “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” springs to mind.

    p.s. never heard the term ‘skeeters’ before…

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