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Through the Mirror on the Wall | Mandela Effect & Time Travel

How do you remember it? “Magic mirror on the wall”? That’s how it’s always been, apparently…

13 thoughts on “Through the Mirror on the Wall | Mandela Effect & Time Travel

  1. I’ve just looked though my history and this is the first video I watched by LTV. Not surprising given I was all over the M.E. effect videos at the time. More surprising is that your previous videos were on topics that I also was interested in. So yeah, I think your videos were/are suppressed by Y.T. for them not to have shown up all those months.
    Since then I’ve watched a lot back though so don’t worry I’m sure people will find you at their perfect time.😃
    Just wanted really to confirm your suspicions.
    (You’re not paranoid, they are out to get you😆).
    Glad I found it!☺

  2. I am disappointed that you have expressed belief in this– one more construct of our gangster overlords, one more way to say, “Turn over, go back to sleep. It doesn’t matter what happens to humanity or the world because it isn’t real anyway.”

    Reality exists, quite apart from our thoughts and wishes, and what we do to shape it is an expression of our morality or the lack of it.

    1. Yes, this “reality” is real and it matters from the perspective of those who are conscious of this reality. But it’s only one of infinite realities every bit as real. From the perspective of the infinite / eternal what happens here doesn’t really matter other than as a teaching experience for what is to come. How we respond to this reality shapes our morality. If we choose to “turn over and go back to sleep” we miss the whole point of this reality.

      1. This probably has very little relevance to your comment – your statement “from an infinite perspective” rings true (to me) that an infinite force/being/creation perspective doesn’t exist, much less matter. Likewise it seems that all things, perspectives and morals become cloudy or irrelevant to a being/force who has been in existence for an infinite – absolute timelessness.

    2. I don’t think you’ve heard me properly. If I thought we could turn over and go to sleep, why would I be doing what I do? Making the most of this moment changes everything – past, future & present. But that still means doing stuff. Doing lots of good stuff.

  3. This is a short one, I can only assume that the Darko clip “all you need is a vessel & a portal” (most unlikely a spaceship) will be more thoroughly examined in later video posts?

    1. I time travel in my Jeep, so that was mostly what it was alluding to…

  4. I’m intrigued concerning your claim that you “crossed over” and experienced “another dimension.” However, I’m not sure whether you see this as having occurred purely psychologically (due to, say, schizophrenia) or whether you believe that infinite realities exist which are every bit as physical as this one.

    You’ve also made a few references now to eternal life. Do you mean everlasting consciousness within the infinite physical realities?

    Can’t wait for you to elaborate on this topic.

    1. Infinite dimensions right next door to the one you’re in now. I always liked what I read about Einstein’s theories but I couldn’t tell you if he was right about space-time or not. My picture of the nature of Reality is always evolving so I don’t know where I would be in relation to his theories at this moment.

      Vibrations. Vibrations determine how inputs are interpreted and the way inputs are interpreted for you makes up your version of this Universe. We’ve been conditioned to tune in to the bad stuff that sucks our life force from us. We need to learn how to tune into the infinite and break through the programming.

      God doesn’t want you to suffer, but you will know exactly the amount of suffering you need to overcome to win the game. If you don’t save the princess this time, then it’s right back to 1-1.

      That said, I don’t know what the heck is going on.

      1. “Infinite dimensions right next door to the one you’re in now.”

        If we scrap the idea of space-time (or time as a fourth dimension) and substitute probability as a dimension, I think we would get closer to how things actually are. The way I see it is that there are infinite dimensions of probability and we’re conscious of experiencing all of them. However, our consciousness permits us to (normally) be only aware of one probability “stream” (or lifetime) at a time. Our intention and attention (what we concentrate on) determines the stream (path / direction) we take. So, if we concentrate on the negative stuff we tend to create / experience more of the same. Our unconscious mind is a “portal” to the other realities we exist in and also the source of our sixth sense / instinct / intuition / premonition / deja vu / psychic abilities / savant abilities and so on.

        I believe you when you say you have experienced another reality because I have experienced such things myself and I have spent several years pondering how it could be. I suspect that the more times we die, the more we become aware of other realities. However, in this scientific age, we’re brainwashed into discounting such spiritual notions. It’s more important than ever to tune into our spiritual selves.

        1. It sounds like you were over the target all along. Regarding probability, one of the things I am fond of saying is that things don’t actually happen, they only mostly happen. What actually materially happened in one man’s universe will be different than what actually materially happened in another man’s. That’s what I think of when I think of Relativity. Our realities are all relative. They may be comparable, but they are not the same.

          1. Indeed. Plus it fits with quantum theory which essentially posits that physical reality is created moment by moment with the collapse of a “probability” wave function. And if reality is merely a probability rather than a certainty it solves the age-old problem of how something can come from nothing (whether you’re talking Big Bang or God).

  5. You’re spot-on about time being a construct of consciousness. Would you agree that this means that Einstein was wrong about his notion of space-time?

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