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Tsunami Warning for California?

An unusual find regarding a possible US west coast tsunami.

14 thoughts on “Tsunami Warning for California?

  1. Here’s a map of the National Data Buoy Center Big expectations of a tremendous earthquake causing mega damage. FEMA and stuff all over the area Southern California / West coast Volcano Risk – Rising Magma causes swarm of 1,000+ earthquakes

    24/7 is down for now
    tatoott1009 Revolution CERN (LHC) Live stream showing Solar , Weather, and CERN,

  2. There has been landslides on Catalina islands off the coast of California that can cause tsunamis..this could be the cause of the tsunami warnings… Just throwing that out there… Keep up the good work and I’ll keep watching your show!!
    And we’ll sink with California when it falls into the sea!!!

  3. more power to ya,sir!
    i been telling people in california-actually since a few years ago i’ve now stopped ‘warning’ people in california about where they live and what’s surely gonna happen,it’s not a matter of ‘if’,but ‘when’…!

  4. Hi, I’ll look into the earthquakes. I know the Guatemalan recent incident was a volcano that erupted. Don’t know where to post this shocking Sofia Smallwood interview, so I’ll post it here.
    This is a new Sofia Smallwood interview.

    Here is an earlier video covering a narrower portion of what she speaks of; the interview above may be more easily understood if people listen to this first. sofia smallwood

  5. I have completed a file on MH370 and 3 others which I’d love to share with you. I’d be pleased if you would contact me at the email address I’ve provided in the contact details. Thanks. D.

    1. I’ll send you an email tomorrow. I have a lot of spooks up my ass, so forgive me when I pull a Christian Slater in the elevator from True Romance. Everybody has to pass the test.

  6. I live south of Chula Vista. The blue zones are Tsunami Hazard Zones, you will see signs. The thing you thought are earth quakes are quakes. Here ya go:

    1. You’re saying it’s nothing, right? Just the normal tsunami warning zones? That’s what I figured it must be, but I thought it was odd that the map was only showing them in CA. Maybe that’s because other states don’t map theirs out.

      Still worth checking out that site. There’s something hiding in there, I just don’t know what it is…

  7. Interesting. I’m not very computer or internet competent so I wouldn’t be the best person to ask about this.
    Regarding HISI, the plot thickens! So many dislikes on this video so soon after being posted?

  8. if you compare the map you are using to the myhazards map, I think you will see that yours shows differences with more substantial tsunami. Is that what you’re seeing too?

  9. Don’t take this the wrong way, but have you considered whether you might have a touch of Aspergers? The “eye contact” issue, eye for detail, lateral thinking and high IQ is common amongst Aspies. I haven’t looked into whether there’s a high co-morbidity with schizophrenia / schizotypal conditions.

    1. It’s really hard to say and I think a number of doctors could come to a number of different conclusions. The only reason I even mention that I would be considered “schizophrenic” is because I have what would be considered delusions – I sometimes experience reality as being different than the commonly accepted version.

      The thing is that all of y’all would be considered delusional now, at least if you are experiencing the “Mandela Effect”. You believe the past has changed, although all evidence says that it hasn’t changed and you are remembering wrong. You’d swear up and down that one thing used to be another thing. You are experiencing a delusion.

      I have practice living in this reality, so as far as that goes I’m the healthiest guy in the room. I do seem to be handicapped by severe ADD, but that is easily cleared up with stimulants and most people take some form of stimulant everyday. I’m right as rain pretty much 24/7. I’m just trying to show you guys the way.

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