Mandela Effect | Sex in the City. A Medley

A little ditty I put together for you. We shall see how long the copyright gods take to smite me. Fair use!

8 thoughts on “Mandela Effect | Sex in the City. A Medley”

  1. “nothing is real ,.. and nothing to get hung about”. Nathan this quantum trickery psy op is very crafty. the cabal that “illuminates” our stage is evil. I ignore the games and look into what the “cabal” tries desperately to obfuscate, disrupt and discount. biblical scripture is one good example. i impart this to your minions: listen to all, follow none. this of course includes you and me for that matter. in my understanding of manipulation, it doesn’t matter if youre a sponsored spook or youre a real dude with a cat named doshi. i seek. its what i do.~~~~~~~~~~~ “onward through the fog”

    1. I even linked it on a FB post, BUT IT CHANGED WHILE I WAS LISTENING TO IT!
      Right after 5:04…. I am 100% I heard IN the city first, now it’s AND…

  2. This is a channel I have just started watching.. it really does open your mind to the Mandela effect with thoughts on Cern and dimensional shifts.. If you have time check out this issue and others.. it is quite brain storming.

    Thank you for your videos as always full of good positive information..

  3. I do believe you are one of the few people in my circle who listens to Hip-Hop, but I have to give you props for this one. EXCELLENT montage 🙂

    1. Cool, I’m glad you liked it. I didn’t know how it would play because I kind of cobbled it together.

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