WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE: Sunday Sermon 7-24-2016

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  1. I loved your outtakes at the end. You made me laugh even though my cat is missing. πŸ™
    Please send good vibrations that she will return.

      1. My cat is back after being away for 14 hours. Thank you for the good vibrations. πŸ™‚
        Also, thank you for your inspiring videos.

        1. Wow that’s awesome! I did ask for that to happen for you, but that doesn’t always work. I’m glad it did this time.

  2. What are the best ways to change the vibration of other people? What is the message?

    I’m trying to work out what to communicate and how to do it.

    I think some of the most simple concepts are:
    – accepting that reality is much more than just the physical,
    – that there is something divine in each of us,
    – that we are part of one spirit but are locked into an experience governed by our physical forms,
    – that love is the most powerful way to kill fear,
    – that our journey through life is an effort to know ourselves (and that is the objective of religion),
    – that we are only weak if we are divided,
    – that every act we make that demonstrates we are one undermines the efforts to divide.

    Can the great people here help me build on this?

  3. I get what you are saying. And, I definitely prefer to watch your videos on your website rather than YouTube, which feels like a garbage dump. What you said about telling people what’s going on in the world was spot on… If they don’t want to hear it, just stop telling them. It’s so difficult to not want to shout it out and try to force people to wake up, but the reality is that people will get the message when they are ready to hear it. Everyone will awaken in their own time… So, thanks for making great, honest videos to nudge people along. Stay safe, β™₯️To Doshi.

  4. Right on Lift the Veil! Coming to spend time with you each day adds a tremendous amount of happiness and balance to my life. I really enjoy your journalism and it’s easy to see you are the real deal.
    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. YOU AMAZE ME! Sometimes I can be going through a rough time, and then I see a video that you have made that totally changes my attitude. I would LOVE to hear your voice read the Bible, you truly are a gifted man. I cannot WAIT until this website changes the world, you are so carefully and intelligently following that path. You examine things introspectively and think very deeply about the words you speak and the implications of those words.
    On another note, I caught a bot yesterday! I even referred to LTV on how to call out a bot and used it as an example as how this fake AI caused over FIFTY-EIGHT comments, mostly argumentative, because some bot posted “god never exit. one person you prove me he exit”. Notice the word “exit” was suppose to be “exist” and it was misspelled 2 times, there was no punctuation, poor grammar, and an inflammatory remark. (I think it was a little longer but that was the primary red flags.) SO it started a huge blow up with atheist against Christian, Christian against Christian, and the occasional troll pop up. All over what? All of this negative energy, bringing out the bad side of humanity, just by one line from a non-living. inexistent (or should I say nonexitant, lol) computer program. The thought that bots like that EXIST is because I learned it from YOU! I haven’t gone back to see the response after I posted, but I’m sure it opened up some minds and eyes. I’m not saying all this to flatter you, because if you get too puffed with pride we know where that goes…but I see you as a watchman.

    Watchmen are very important figures that keep the masses aware of things that they may not notice, they warn people when they are on the wrong path and lift up those who are on the right path. Imagine that through this venue, you will impact many in a positive way, and those will impact others. Even if in this life no one else knows who started that positive frequency, God does, and your life will be blessed in so many ways with so much fulfillment in your heart that neither money nor fame could compare to. As I tell my son, why strive to be famous when you can be INFAMOUS (insert heart and smiley).

    I understand that there may be others on here who have different viewpoints about religion, life, where we came from, where we are going…but inside all of our hearts, if you really truly dig down to the deepest depths of your soul, we all have a need to be loved and accepted…not just for the things we do, but just because we are who we are….each of us a special and unique creation, each of us for our own gifts and talents, even our quirks and flaws…we have a need to be loved and KNOW we are loved, unconditionally, no matter what. Our biggest enemy and deception is that we are not worthy of love, that is the simplest definition of evil. When we realize we ARE loved, and that love is passed from one of us to another, evil has no entry point, it becomes pointless. As the token Charismatic Cray-Cray Jesus-freak Christian in this awesome group, I just can’t end this without a PRAISE JESUS AMEN! (insert smile and wink AND heart)…..Thank you again for giving me just the words I need to hear at just the right time.

  6. After Nice, I reminded the women I was speaking with that the purpose is to make us scared so we can’t let it frighten us because that’s what they want. I did not say it was a hoax just that the news is full of lies.
    Ironically one lady who agreed we should not let it get to us was just about to leave on a journey to Munich to see family. I’m sure she’ll have something to say about that.

    Brave things to say. I support your mission!🌻🌺🌼

  7. I try to educate my friends and relatives on FaceBook. I’m the person who puts all the stories on about the corruption in political, financial and health areas. I rarely get a thumbs up or comment and at one point I decided to quit as I thought I probably was regarded as a pain in the rear-end. I was then surprised by a number of friends who contacted me and said I should continue. They obviously were worried that making a comment or giving a thumbs up would identify them as being “a problem” to the shadow people who they thought might be collating these things.
    I also had an experience with a mainstream English newspaper when they used to have a uncensored comments section on their main stories. At one point I had thousands of thumbs up for my comments and then one day my ability to post comments was blocked. But I keep trying.

    1. That’s all you can do. You almost have to convince yourself that everyone actually loves you and they are just too afraid to say anything. The more practice you put in, the easier it gets. Cheers.

  8. What? What? Bahaha, yes you have found your calling. Really love the little caveat at the end, I feel enlightened.

      1. I have no objection it was really a good piece. The thing at the end made me chuckle especially when I googled for Samuel Jackson and Ezekiel and found a vid of him in that movie. He told the guy to say what again.

  9. I asked for an awesome person like you to manifest in my reality – to help me along this fascinating yet difficult journey of deprogramming and globalist indoctrination for the past 42 years in this time line. It’s been quite a ride the last year for me, being lifted to a much greater consciousness.

    It can, as I’m you know, be very lonely state. Don’t get me wrong, I thrive best in the beauty of solitude, however there always needs to be a harmonious balance in mental states of emotion well being. I didn’t know where to even look for a community of thinkers and spiritual soldiers. Well, synchronicity worked it’s laws again and now I’m posting a comment on a blog of substance, a dude that is actually living from a true authentic heart space.

    With that my friend, a tremendous tip-of-the-hat to you. I got you on Twitter now and have reposted a few of your videos on my Google +.

    Keep on being steadfast in the Great Work.


  10. Enjoyed the video as always.when I first opened my eyes to what’s really going on in the world,I felt physically ill.stepped away from it and let it marinade a I’m better and starting to do my part.starting at home and branching out from there.

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