WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE: Sunday Sermon | August 14th, 2016

Following up on the assignment from last week and then showing some of the stuff I’m currently looking into.

7 thoughts on “WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE: Sunday Sermon | August 14th, 2016”

  1. I just wanted to ‘report back’ but I’ll be pretty vague. Some good changes: more energy and walking more, more confident, birds not fighting, talking to family I hadn’t talked to for a while, more optimistic/less afraid. The headphones helped on the bus and train and busy roads. I didn’t plug them into anything just drowned out the racket.
    I’ve been doing this all day every day or not at all. For me it’s easier to focus all day. A lot of bad things came up to deal with too. I don’t really think it’s possible to have one without the other.
    It has worked really well, it’s not all sunshine and light but it’s all ‘right’. I’m going to continue.
    That’s all for now.😃

  2. Reality is being so manipulated on so many levels it is hard to know what is real. Once again, nice program! Somebody has to step back and look at this “world” and apply what was called common sense to the subjects you cover.

    I do not agree with all of your observations. However, I do agree with a great number of them!

  3. I live with birds, they have ropes, twigs etc hanging from the ceiling and fly around free.
    Every night there’s a long argument about territory. About half of them all want the same spot. Then another night it’s a different favourite spot. (There’s loads of room). Even the gentlest of birds will start having a good peck at his friends at bedtime. (and the noise is like nails down a chalkboard).
    Ive noticed on the days I’ve been focusing on high frequencies that bird bedtimes are contented and peaceful. I hope I’m not speaking too soon but seems like a miracle to me.💜

  4. I came across your videos through the list of related videos on YouTube. I really love listening to your videos, I have been listening to many of your recent videos including videos you have created a few months ago for the past three days now. ( I just want to show you that there really are people out there that like your content! So please keep it up!!!!!!!!) haha quite honestly i have been listening to them consistently for hours while doing other things of course… hahahah

  5. I keep buying (and subsequently returning) different types of headphones in search of the perfect match, so that’s still a work in progress. But I’ve been listening to positive affirmations every night for the last month and it’s worked wonders for me, plus everything immediately starts to feel better whenever I remember to go outside for 30-ish minutes to dance and think alone to a favorite song on repeat, preferably when the moon is hanging out too.

    Your dissection of that awful Photoshop job on the war torn fire photo was hilarious.

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