Website ONLY | 2016: End Times

Finally, we get to the reason for all of the counting leading up to this. 2016. The End. Or the Beginning, depending on your point of view.

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  1. Love looking at numbers like this. Not that good in the maths dept but the numbers themselves are telling all kinds of stories. They are a way for God or the universe or matrix or whatever, to communicate with humans.
    144 in the Bible, maybe refers to years and not saints/saved ones. This year is SO weird, I’ve never known anything like it.
    I really find these videos interesting. 1968 is a major year for me. I was born in it.😎

  2. The Election of 1872…Republican Party was divided. Democratic Candidate Died after the popular vote but before electoral college.
    Election of 1908 first Primaries to determine candidates for Convention
    Election of 1920 first since 19th amendment allowing women to vote
    Election of 1944 Both candidates from NY, Of course major significant events of WWII to numerous to mention…it was also a leap year. Banky [sic] Moon born.
    Election of 1968 Nixon. Violence at Dem Convention. MLK, RFK, Tet Offensive.
    Election of 1980 Ronnie Ray-gun the cowboy actor. The shennaigans around Iran that led to the Cowboy beating out the CFR member on whose Doctrine just about every military action in the Middle east has been justified. Disco and the Grateful Dead release “Go to Heaven”…clear signs of the coming end times! 😉
    Election of 2016? Get your popcorn ready the Dog and Pony show is in town!

  3. It’s hard to argue that there seems to be a “race to collapse” happening across so many global Arenas. I see it as termites attacking a tree, the tree will fall but there will be so many causes it’s impossible to say “thats the cause of the tree collapsing”

    As such, it’s easy to keep the masses asleep as each termite is too small to take down a tree. “Don’t worry about that termite. It could never take away your organic chive bread”, safely in the knowledge that there isn’t time for most people to see all the termites before the tree collapses. Try and point out multiple termites and it’s too much, too impossible, all that really couldn’t happen. We’re all standing inches from an infinitely bright light bulb which makes it next to impossible for us to see how the light bulb actually works, certainly using the vision and thought processes we’re trained to use.

    I have faith that there is more good in humanity than bad and the big reset button that will be pressed WILL leave the controlling powers weak. It’s up to us good souls to grab that opportunity when it comes, it may never happen again.

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