2016 | What It Is. Do the Math.

2016: The beginning. Here’s the math.

20 thoughts on “2016 | What It Is. Do the Math.”

  1. We are watching your videos and really enjoy your candor! We really like you too!
    Thank you so much for getting the conversation going!
    Rebecca and Charlie Price
    New Freedom, PA USA

  2. I believe in the practicality of a base 12 system when compared to base 10 for the reasons mentioned. I’m just concerned Nigel Tufnel might find out.

    1. Who is that?? Sounds like a funny name. I have a video I’m doing soon with the notation that I received for counting in base-12. That’s where things get really weird on this channel 😉

  3. I don’t know what the hell you were talking about, but loved it nevertheless, as with all your other videos. It comes across as being important to you, and that’s why I follow you.
    Please keep it up – we need a sane voice.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for coming here to comment. I have something really crazy in this same category that I think I’ll do soon. It’s really crazy though. Not crazy like mind-blowing but crazy like “huh?” But you know me, I keep it real.

  4. So, likely to your disapproval, but favorably condusive to how my mind works in familiarizing myself with a person or entity and what they are about, this is only the third video of yours I’ve taken in (the previous two being I think your latest Bogus Brussels Bombiiiiiiiiiiings news analysis vids). Both of which I greatly appreciated, and not only because I don’t have cable. I posted some rambling autobiographical comment on one of them this morning in my excitement at finding your channel because I enjoy your simultaneous dry-ish humor and your restraint of it while you share your observations. I have a lot of fear and lacking confidence regarding, but am extremely convicted by and feel strongly that there is call for movement to hinder this human force of waking nightmarish evil that is conspiring to mislead so many, and in their high current success rate in that goal are being allowed to effect our future in a way that is well, diabolically lame.
    Anyway, I just want to offer my typed support for what I see in this particular series (without fully having watched it in order OR completely yet, but definitely will, today if I can) as something that, though it may even remain obscure to me after consuming it as prescribed as I am not a mathematically minded person, is regardless and most importantly to me constitutes some quite compelling and thoughtful evidence to your sincerity and also a glimpse of your personality.
    Without one second of uncertainty, once I found out it was a full credit option to Algebra 2, I took business math my senior year of high school, and I promptly went to art school after that. Math is inherently difficult for my brain-puter, and the issue becomes even more acute once things get to the point of variables, balancing equations, and numbers or problems with more than one…. yeah just one variable. So by the time its getting advanced and more into ideas/theorems, for me at that point it’s well into hopeless. I am more inclined toward english, history and visual arts and am fascinated by culture and within that conformity and the way manipulators achieve the state of mass approval or at least apathy that they need to accomplish bad deeds. All that just to say that although I am not ignorant of how math is crucial to basically every aspect of living basically, beyond the basic math you use to explain your ideas in this series I am lost, like a person who is unsure on a horse to begin with suddenly finding himself on an active polo field (the sport of the true asshole to be sure, but merely an example). My point being whether or not I grasp what you speak of here once I’ve taken the parts in as you intended, I like what I’m seein’ here, and to me it says “this guy is coming from a real place.” That’s me talking to me apparently, but not out loud or anything, right now anyway.
    Anyway Here’s a link to the first of a three-part time-lapse short film series I’m working on, and about half way through finishing (lookit me halving a 3), followed by a preview segment of the soon to be uploaded second part if you’d like to see either of them. I dont make any money from them, so I just use whatever music I might like, seems to fit the vibe visually and that I can edit the footage to really sync up with. The three parts as I have been working on them have naturally become more kaleidoscopic, and when finished will have not onlt double layered images but also some quadruple layered, so I welcome your thoughts on any of that now or in the future. I subscribed on Youtube, and my email that I’ve had since forever is the one I but below the comment window, so I’ll be around, and am reachable should you have any compulsion to communicate. Also I’m a photographer primarily and I live in low down Los Angeles. I am not clear as to your city or state but as evidenced here I use the internet, so if you ever want photos or video footage that I can get for you I will gladly do so, so I’m glad to help out if I can.
    Thanks for the valuable content!

  5. Hmm. Gravity and Time still somewhat illusive. You sort of ended with Babylonians and Stonehenge dudes counting in base 60 and base 12 respectively…All I could see was your most hated number! Sort of lost me to be honest. The quartering of 10 does not bother me…I like quarters! I think I like multiples of that which will go unmentioned as well, but I dont put too much thought into numbers. Too many rabbit holes already…not sure that this one leads to relevant clarity…though that would be highly subjective. Interesting the state of mind you were in when this came to you and interesting that it is your holy grail. I guess I can sort of get it if the Holy Grail is the Relativity you first spoke of…if so numbers and how we order things would affect how we relate to our existence…I guess.

    1. Keep watching if you want to see where it goes. It’s not for everybody, that’s for sure. Fortunately I make a little something for everybody lol. Thanks for coming to my site and watching.

  6. Yeah I find this stuff interesting, partially because you do and I want to see where you’re going with it especially as it relates to gravity.

  7. I find this fascinating and wish it was longer. You left me hanging on how this connects to gravity. I’d listen to this for hours. Too much fun!

    1. That’s great to hear. I literally printed it, posted it and didn’t even watch it until about an hour ago. I thought it was reasonably coherent. It will be fun then. This feature will continue to be website only.

  8. You had me at meaty! Good vid I feel smarter! I like where you are going and that is I dont know! Thats why I like it!

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