WEBSITE ONLY: Smoking Gun: Istanbul False Flag – Psy-Op by Fascist Erdogan

7 thoughts on “WEBSITE ONLY: Smoking Gun: Istanbul False Flag – Psy-Op by Fascist Erdogan”

  1. Even if there was a real bomb involved this could definitely be a false flag event initiated by Erdogan. Turkey is a complex society and plays a vital role in several international conflicts, besides that it is seeking entrance into the EU. – Sofar the best documented case of a hoax is in my opinion Sandy Hook, I have no doubt whatsoever that SH was staged. – If you want more visitors, airplay whatever, Jim Fetzer might want to help by interviewing you on The Real Deal about the Moon buggy for example. What do you think?

    1. I don’t know who Jim Fetzer is but I’m generally receptive to being approached for interviews. However, like any proper lady I prefer to be courted rather than me having to initiate.

      1. I will try to set you guys up. It will take some time, but I’ll definitely get back on this. Fetzer is a philosophy professor, authority on 9/11, wrote books about Kennedy assassination, Sandy Hook and Apollo hoax.

  2. You need to watch the other videos online two others are available on this was a real bomb albeit a small one.

    1. Yeah I’ve definitely thought about it but haven’t had the time to implement everything. As you might imagine, I have a thousand things on my plate and I’m doing my best to prioritize things with my limited executive functioning. It’s hard being one person and keeping up on all of the moving parts…

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